Monday, 8 February 2016

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Claudia Kane: The Silence/Glass Case

Fancy some trip pop? Yeah, what is that then, I hear you ask? It's on Claudia's facebook page, I haven't made any music terms up since the fictitious band 'Vagina in a Box' got me in trouble and an uncomfortable spike in traffic to this blog. Just listen to The Silence and decide for yourself, it's the single from her second EP, slow and moody, then a bit bounce around on a dancefloor (still looking a bit moody) Tempting?

If that grabs you, delve into Claudia Kane's first EP with this which is equally as dance friendly, soulful and yes, a bit 90s, it's a thing now. Don't muddle with trip hop, and don't trust wiki even on what that is. Residents of Darkness.

She's also channeling Kate Bush in 'Darling is Not My Name' so how can you not take a few minutes to listen.

Here's Glass Case from her EP 2 in live what has now become almost a fond tradition, I listen to something, think it's good, then find out they played up the road from me in London the previous week!
Claudia Kane Facebook

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