Thursday, 9 April 2015

Morrissey: Barclaycard Arena 27 March 2015

Ten days later and I think I’m ready to write about this without tears, without singing Kiss Me A Lot, without chuffing on and on about FINALLY seeing him. I was first time lucky because he’s famous for being an international cancellation boy.

He didn’t do a London date, how very dare he miss out the capital, but as it happens, it was nice to get out and go to the Midlands, I haven’t been back since I briefly lived there as a child. Driving back through Warwickshire, seeing signs for where I went to school put me well back into a self indulgent mood for the lovely Morrissey, the ‘I’m going to over think everything for the rest of my life’ and then say something offensive but kind of understandable. Yes I’ve just dipped into Moz land.

I’d forgive him most things (even his friendship with Russell Brand), even cancelling that night stood in the Arena. But he didn’t! He was an absolute love, despite his weirdly chewing gum packet-like shirt when he’s usually so dapper, he covered everything you could expect; voting, the royal family, murderous meat eaters and the United King-Dumb around a backdrop of Kate and William.  The thing with Morrissey, (just adjusted my imaginary expert spectacles), is that for all the nonsense there is written about him, and all the nonsense he sometimes appears to spout in the odd interview, there are many layers of meaning, hurt and pain and a massive dose of humour (that gets misunderstood) and it’s these layers that have reached out to an audience, a very loyal audience for over 30 years; the abused, the bitter, the poor, the paranoid, the angry, the vain, the desperate, confused, the creative, those that go inward and then come back and see things form so many different angles…you get my point. And then there are the others that go, ‘oh shut up you misery guts’. Their voices are so much quieter than his ability to entertain a crowd after being a pretty much pain in the arse entertainer for thirty odd years, that and his love of animals over humans, being his famous consistency.

The pre show film was a lot of music and poetry, I confess I got a bit overwhelmed at some of the poetry, piss takers of the world unite, but I just did. Anyway, back to the show and the music. It started with The Queen is Dead, he must be wondering why it’s taken her so long to fulfil that one? But still in 2015, this song is as uncomfortable and melodic as it was always was, because we still have a monarchy that people still love. It was a very fitting start to the show.

Suedehead delighted the be-quiffed audience and then he launched into a few tracks from his new album, Staircase at the University, World Peace is None of Your Business, Istanbul, Neal Cassidy Drops Dead,  Kiss Me A Lot; all being sang along to perfectly demonstrating that he still hasn’t lost it. I’m Throwing My Arms Around Paris led soon onto Speedway and a brief tease of English Blood, Irish Heart, mostly sung by the crowd. Speedway sounded bloody phenomenal! I got prickly eyes.

And now what everyone wants to know, what Smiths tracks did he do? Well, the opener obviously and  Stop Me If You’ve Heard This One Before (apparently sung the night before by Johnny Marr up North, I have been informed, kind of funny, their heads need banging together)  Boom! Meat is Murder followed shortly after another off the new album The Bullfighter Dies and with a backdrop of pretty horrendous farming footage that left the crowd still in a stunned kind of human slaughterhouse way.  Good.

What She Said followed and made the crowd bouncy again. And then the finale Every Day is Like Sunday, another favourite of mine, prickly eyes again. He took off his shirt in Moz tradition, though I noticed he put a new one shortly before, so polite, or did he just love the chewing gum one too much to throw it into the crowd? I kind of thought he just didn’t want to chuck a shirt that sweaty into the crowd. Anyway, overthinking as usual. Every Day is Like Sunday…it will be when that old bugger is gone if you ask me.

Thank fuck I saw him! He left on the words ‘All I ask is that you remember me, but forget my fate’. The drama queen. I love him. 

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