Friday, 2 January 2015

Gazelle Twin: Unflesh.

Well happy festivities to you all. This will be a bit of a mishmash blog post as I've been a bit dreadful at updating again. I got a very cool Christmas present and it was a signed copy of Gazelle Twin's new album 'Unflesh'; an electronic music menagerie of industrial storminess and the darker side of living. It's an anxiety driven challenge to listen to. I love it. Thank you to Oliver and Elke who are absolute darlings with great taste in music and gift giving.

So at times, 'Unflesh', could be accused of working too hard, but isn't that universal when trying to be creative? It's very different to the debut 'The Entire City', which was a gentler listen, sort of The Knife in dreamy soundscapes, though if you've listened to 'Shaking the Habitual', The Knife have also gone a bit scratchy too lately. I also love that, nothing wrong with a bit of glitch.

Elizabeth Bernholz uses her voice as a distortion instrument, screeching, chirping and teasing with haunting echoes of  the ethereal soprano of her debut. With titles on this album like 'Belly of The Beast', 'Good Death', 'Guts', and 'Exorcise'  how could I not fall in love instantly?

It's like Elizabeth climbed into my mind and stole my weirdness then made music out of it. But in all seriousness, 'Premonition' has a Bat For Lashes feel to it, and 'I Feel Blood' very Fever Ray. I would say the 'must listens' are 'Anti Body'  and 'Good Death' so I'm linking a different track all together  here. Boom!

Iamamiwhoami also have another 'project' ongoing, I've seen them/her twice and the show is stunning. You would think it might be gimmicky when watching the videos but Jonna Lee is a beautifully natural performer, the coming together of technology and nature with a bit of fearless, experimental Swedish thing that perhaps we mythologise a bit. To whom it may concern: a mirror onesie, a forest (of course) some shadowy figures, a lake, playing an imaginary instrument while nude (but arty of course). This is so good. As good as KIN.

See what you think. I would link to other posts I've done about both of these bands but you can just search on it here. I'm done with promoting it you lazy fuckers. Click the labels.

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