Sunday, 20 July 2014

It's going to be one of the posts...Shakespeare, Grimes, La Roux and Morrissey.

Well exciting news is I got published, a poem, I don't think I can put it here for copyright reasons, but even if I could it's a bit too intense for this blog and wouldn't fit in an 'over sharing' way. The law of sod is that you get something published you don't want anyone you know to read. 'Lollipops' as my sister would say. More details on my other blog if so inclined.

I also went to see the English National Ballet's 'Romeo and Juliet' at the Royal Albert Hall, it was quite possibly the most beautiful and wonderful thing ever (thanks for the ticket mum) Of course my favourite part was in the crypt as Romeo (Junor Souza) danced with Juliet's (Fernanda Oliveira) limp body. You all know the story.

Next on my writery plan is some flash fiction that is supposed to grab you quickly, hold your attention, not take too much time up obviously while leaving an impression. A bit like a pop song methinks so leading on swiftly, who shall I pick first?

I'm going to go for Grimes (ft Blood Diamonds) with 'Go' first. This blew up the internet for nearly 48 hours a few weeks back (seriously that's your shelf life unless Nile Rogers or some bare bouncing bits are involved it seems) I like this even though it's pretty mainstream sounding (written for Rihanna so of course it is) Its got a dubsteppy feel but she gets away with it. Her voice is sounding super duper, its lost that slightly 'infantilising' effect in this song though still interspersed with an excited squeal every now and then. It seems to have balanced that child like energy into a song with a contrasting wisdom that artists like Bjork pulled off. Anyway, have a listen and feel that drop. I have a feeling it's going to be a while until an album appears from Ms Boucher.

Talking of which, what seems like half a century later, La Roux is (was 'are') back. It's now just Elly Jackson but let's be honest, that's what we all kind of thought anyway though Ben Langmaid's in the credit bits. Anyway, that's the boring part over. This album is super poppy, catchy, sounds a bit familiar in places but who cares? Well I don't anyway. I like every song but the final track makes me cringe a bit.

'Let Me Down Gently' is my favourite and 'Uptight Downtown' is Duran-tastic, 'Paradise is You' is all loved up ballady nice. Now 'Sexotheque'? Very hooky, sounds a bit chirpy and it''s about a brothel? And it sounds like she's singing 'sex attack' at times, is that intentional? It's that melodious dark side thing that Morrissey does, maybe that's what happens if you have a quiff for too long?  Anyway it's an interesting track and a toe tapper. The humidity here in London means I can't dissect it more than that right now. Everyone and his dog has pointed out what 'Tropical Chancer' sounds like, its still good though isn't it? I would argue better.

'Silent Partner' has a slight 'Batman' sound going in it. I can only guess she's singing about Ben in this one then. Anyway, it's out tomorrow so although I thought I was way behind, I'm clearly not. At one point I was going to start predictive reviewing her third album in 2018 just to keep up.

Anyone heard Morrissey's new album 'World Peace Is None of Your Business? It's very long, I got half way through, then lay in my garden at 3am in a thunder storm and awoke looking like a cave woman. I'm never sure if he's good for me or not. I will say no more than give it a listen. x

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