Friday, 6 June 2014

The Knife: För Alla Namn Vi Inte Får Använda

The Knife are back with a message in a pop tune. Most critique has been that recent offerings from the pair are a little obscure (I don't completely agree) but this is an unarguably accessible one. Yes it's in Swedish but just click the Europa Europa link towards the bottom and you can translate the musical manifesto of an anti national cabaret. To paraphrase, it's migration politics while feeling the praise for those that defy shameful and fear ridden border controls across Europe.

If like me, you put on their last offering Shaking the Habitual in company and everyone starts looking tense and shuffling about nervously (why I don't know when it's so hypnotic) then try this one on them. It's extremely catchy and they seem to be able to marry politics and music without an angry acoustic guitar in sight, not that there's anything wrong with that, but The Knife have always opened up the borders of protest music to the electronic beat of empowerment. Here, in collaboration with the art group Ful, is the extremely catchy, signature tribal brilliance; a 'political macarena'.

It premieres in Sweden with song sheets and dance instructions, so if you managed to get along to the Shaking the Habitual show, you will see the continuity of 'instruction' with their performance (though the aerobic instructor was deafening, he did get the crowd doing stuff). If you're a bit more Heartbeats than Habitual, I'm sure you will love this too...and the message just gives it that deep cut, yes see what I did there. Enjoy and put on repeat. I did just that and have slightly melted my hair while bleaching it and distracted, let's just say #festivalhair for now. That's how good the track and accompanying video is.

Click this for more info:

And to catch up...

Just in case you missed it, Austra are back with the stand alone single 'Habitat' and an EP. I heard a live version of Habitat a while back (a couple of years ago I think) and it stood out after the brilliance of Feel it Break. I was a bit disappointed it didn't make the second album, Olympia, but perhaps it wouldn't have fitted and now's the time. Anyway, better late than never. Go see them if you can.

Preorder 12" single here

And what with The Knife and Austra , here's La Roux now, it's like going back four years to colouring in pigeons, spellwork and feeling bulletproof. Here's a moody track and equally moody visual from La Roux. I love her, (now officially 'her' as she's split from band mate Ben) I also like her very natural, if awkwardly shy performances live, a bit like her voice, its all kind of raw and appealing and I don't think she will suffer breaking away to do her stuff alone. Here's 'Let Me Down Gently'.

And jump on this one too Uptight Downtown from the album Trouble in Paradise out in July. It's put Duran Duran in my head? Or is it Aha? Goodness knows but about time Elly!

Now put your wellies on and get out to some festivals.

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