Saturday, 29 March 2014

Now Listening: Ji Nilsson and Marlene, Bea and Fina Fisken

Its been a while again but I've been moving house, having a birthday, hanging out at a writer's retreat and so on and so on three weeks late, here's a rather lovely song that was done for International Women's Day, also coincidently my birthday so forgive me for stringing the date out.

It's an ode to female friendship and sisterhood and yes they look like they may kiss at any moment, but they don't, so back off silly straight men. It's a captivating song in my opinion and for me, more about basic human understanding and empathy than anything peculiar to being female.

Now here's the deats. Ji Nilsson and Marlene are Swedish and write songs together. Of course. It also has a kind of Grimes-y feel in places. I love it.

And here's Bea with 'Breadwinner', beautiful harmonies over a sad, sad song. Enigmatic and melancholy, a bit like the faux revelation of that dress, all is not what it seems. She's British but living in Amsterdam and other than that all you can go by is this song. Great moody voice over similarly driven instrumentation. I also love this.

Keep Shelly in Athens suddenly fractured into pieces after releasing their debut album and Sarah P is now doing this. Again its good and I don't normally have the time or patience to hang on with an intro this long. That probably means its a good and very long intro. Now keep your eyes open for more.

More info links :

Ji Nilsson
Fina Fisken

In other news:

I've got a bit lazy so to sum up, do watch 12 Years A Slave, Stewart Lee's Comedy Vehicle on beeb 2 and FYI I'm currently reading 'Meat Market Female Flesh Under Capitalism'. Watch out as I may review it. It's not all la la la around here. And if you're a writer that's interested in the process of it all and a bit of poetry stuff, I even updated my other blog for the first time in 12 months or so. Check it out. Blog love x

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