Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Woman’s Hour

This isn't a celebration of Jenni Murray and Radio 4's Woman's Hour (shame, but no feministing to see here), but rather, the latest single from a band of the same name. ‘Her Ghost’ sounds to me like the Chromatics in places, Fiona Burgess vocals intermittently mirror Ruth Radelet and it has that same chill-wavy feel and bassline earmarking Johnny Jewel's signature production on 'Kill for Love'.

It also sounds a lot like Bat For Lashes 'What's a Girl To Do' muddled in with  Feargal Sharkey’s ‘A Good Heart’ at the start, albeit much slower. Stay with me people. Music has many different and varied triggers and I'm burying the slight Simple Minds-y bit. (Apparently I imagined that one. Phew!)

Bringing it up to date, it echoes The XX with that marriage of guitar and synth thing, particularly in Darkest Place, estrangement and angst-ridden vocals that become the seduced and equally seducing alongside a super lovely beat. Beautifully composed.

This is just what I needed to put things in boxes in preparation for moving house next week. Biggups to Woman’s Hour, a four piece from Kendal for coming into my peripheral online existence at a momentous time.

Very simply, it’s like the XX went out and got drunk listening to the Drive soundtrack and stuck a middle finger up at indie landfill. Here's another from 2013.

I lovelovelove these tracks so put them in your songkick, your spotify, your itunes listy thing, your whatevs and then put them in your real life. To  more of the same...enjoy!

Pre-order here: http://www.womanshour.co.uk/

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