Saturday, 9 November 2013

Agnes Obel: Aventine

It is definitely Autumn now so embrace the airy and romantic with Agnes Obel as you skip through those leaves. Too much? Aventine has an ambience of contemplative and peculiar beauty, starting with 'Chord Left' as a suitably impassioned opener that leads into 'Fuel to Fire' which is just lovely (kind of Simon and Garfunkel in places with a touch of Cardigans, not theirs, the band obviously, and yes Kate Bush) How can you not be intrigued?  I won't spoil any more for you, just listen.

You can stream it first (occasionally advertisement interruptus) then rush out and buy it all windswept and dramatic in a fashionista poncho… and you ladies too of course. That’s if you can find a record shop. Sometimes you need a break from those pop beats and a little ivory/stringy magic to soothe your soul. Feel that love. Stream and share, share, share the unusual oddities dressed in beautiful melody that I would say is best enjoyed in the remoteness of your own solitude. Basically its not a party banger.

And here’s 'The Curse', my favourite so far but they are all muchy/samey on the delightful continual. She’s Danish, her voice is uber lovely and this is her second album, the debut  Philharmonics was very pretty too.

Talking of soothing my soul, in 10 days I will be seeing Depeche Mode at the O2 in a seat that may require a parachute. Excitous.

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