Friday, 13 September 2013

On a blog roll...

Lorde: Team

So autumn is here in the UK (clarifying that as my stats show that my readers are mostly far, far away over really big oceans which might be why I get away with making up words) and I’m sure it’s the best time of year for music.  

Staying on the international theme, here is a new track from Lorde, a 16 year-old (!) singer/songwriter with a big, big voice from New Zealand. ‘Royals’ and ‘Tennis Court’ didn’t grab me, but ‘Team’ is most certainly…lovely! I’m going to songkick her right now if I can remember my password.

On a blog roll due to the beautiful sound of September rain.


  1. The Lorde track is terrific - good find :) x

  2. It wasn't hard to find, she's been everywhere for the last few months :) This is the first track that has grabbed me though!