Thursday, 12 September 2013

I love London.

So I’m back in the city after Bestival, there will be a review of sorts to follow, the heading of this post hints at who (predictably) was my favourite act. In the meantime, this is what I’ve been listening to this week while I adjust to normal life minus Wellington boots.

First off a band I normally find an irritation and I can’t really pinpoint why, they are just a bit annoying, it could be the whole husband and wife working together, living together (hashtag vom) or maybe I just don’t feel them much, however (and it’s a biggy) I lovelovelove this one you sweet, lovely loved up music couple and your massive family of musicians. Reflektor.

So the video for this very, very long but enjoyable track is kind of cool too, it reminds me (and I’m just plucking things out of the air now) a bit of Pan’s Labyrinth and Jacob's Ladder in places, the mahoosive head things are freaky, there’s a disco ball to lighten the moment and the big man singer looks like Rik Mayall. I’ve never noticed that before. 

There’s also a mirrored coffin packed with dolls with back combed hair which I love being the child who chewed the toes of her Sindy doll and actually bit off her little finger too (not sure why, I’m pretty sure my mum fed me).  

This track is good to my ears anyway… and the video gave me a few precious memories. I always kind of like it when a band I don’t generally like do a track I love and a band I love do a track I hate. Trip up pedestrian creativity people.

Oh and not related honest (!) but congrats to Bowie on the Mercury shortlist (or shitlist as I’ve been known to call it) May he win, win, win and may many, many more bands sound a bit like him, the inspiring genius. 

And may we also hope one day that female musicians of his age are treated with the same respect. *There goes the tumbleweed*

So from the other side Arcadian Firians? Break free and go down down down. I also like this one from MØ. It is featuring Diplo (yep him and yes I had to google) Push all that to one side and listen, her voice is brilliant and she’s completely pulling off a few fashionista’s moves with the stone wash denim and gold chains.

Do step away from the youtube comments that basically reveal a world that hates women unless they are in skin coloured bikinis twerking their arses off but also (ironically) giving us ladies a big LOL at how idiotic the menz look.

Super love for MØ on this track.

And in the next day or so I will review Bestival 2013 (toilets and all) just for you, you lucky people. X

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