Sunday, 11 August 2013

Sirena, Izzy Bizu and some bloke you might have heard of...

Sirena: Love is Not

So in the last couple of weeks since being bowled over by Amanda Palmer, I've watched that Taylor/Burton thing on Beeb 3 and felt like I was wading through thick soup if I'm honest. I love Helena Bonham-Carter but it wasn't doing much for me and Dominic West just kept flashbacking me to Hector in The Hour. He wasn't channelling Burton well enough. 

I accidentally watched The Kite Runner which wasn't bad *but* making note to read the book. It *tenuous link * reminded me of The Stoning of Soraya M which is a far better (but traumatic) film, not in the story so much but the structure and the patriarchal comment and how its oppressiveness affects both sexes.

Apart from that I caught a bit of Big Brother, also by accident and its still ugly television so nothing to report on that.  

So music? Sirena from Sweden. This is a great track. File it next to Wounded Rhymes basically…loved it instantaneously.

Izzy Bizu: White Tiger

Next is Izzy Bizu. I listened to this a few months ago and thought ‘wow’ but got distracted, then bumped into it again today. Her voice is effortlessly brilliant and reminded me of my (slightly insane) music teacher at school telling me the greatest musical instrument is the voice. 

At the time I sulked clutching a flute desperately. Every now and then, a voice reminds me of what she said and Izzy’s definitely does…

And talking of voices? AlunaGeorge were pretty cool before they got in the charts? Or am I just being a snob? I don’t know… but Body Music is sounding a bit tame. Resurrect Analyser  please?

I heard a joke this week and I've actually remembered it.

‘How do you drown a hipster?’ 
‘Put them in the mainstream!’

Dear George and Aluna.  Don’t bloody drown! *crosses everything*  


And in other news: The Next Day

I kind of rebelled in a childish way about the newest  Bowie album, refused to listen to it in a yeah yeah blah blah, everyone is going to love it pedestal etc ...then I did listen to it. It's very, very, very good. And I particularly love The Stars (are out tonight). When Mister Bowie sings about stars (spacey or celebrity), you can be rest assured he's going to do a good job. I adore Tilda but.... stop trying to act David, just stop it. Stick to writing and singing.

Everyone get this album. I expect you probably have though. This video is a blinder. The song is amazingness.

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