Wednesday, 28 August 2013

What’s been going on then?

Firstly and most obviously, I've got extremely lazy about updating this blog space because *drum roll please* I've been busy writing other things including a bunch of short stories that will be all linked/themed and I will at some point do something with. Don’t even bother jumping to my other blog as it is imprisoned in neglectful cyber cobwebs.  Even my tweet stream is a ghost town lately; I couldn't even come up with anything on Peter Capaldi (other than he has brilliant eyes). 

Keep Shelly in Athens: Flyway

So I always make the vague claim this isn't a music blog…but it is most of the time. A fellow blogger recently said to me that it’s a bit strange if it takes longer to read an article on a track than it takes to listen to it, this has kind of stayed with me. So here’s a song I listened to today and liked, it reminded of the Chromatics in places. Keep Shelly in Athens have an album out ‘At Home’ September 17 and the first single, soundclouding above, is V nice in a fluffy way.

West Side Story: Sadler's Wells. (directed by Joey Mckneely)

Side stepping but still in the musical theme, I went to see West Side Story at Sadler’s Wells last week and it was fabulous darlings!  Well it was once I got over the opener reminding me of the Pink Panther theme. (Once its there in your head, it takes a while to shake it off). 

But the performance, the incredible dancing and the tragedy of it all was consuming. Penelope Armstead-Williams as ‘Anita’ stole the show for me, especially her rendition of ‘America’.  I love nothing more than an unhappy ending.  Sometimes you have to kill to make people feel, in a creative sense of course. Go, go see it if you can still get tickets.

Top of The Lake: best drama I've seen in ages and ages...

 'Top of The Lake’ was amazingness, there were so many things I liked about this drama, the women were intelligent, beautiful, crazy, vulnerable, strong, kind, mothering, sexual, addicted, young, old, naked, clothed, bitches, temptresses, androgynous, dying, mysterious,  but never defined merely by the men around them. Hooray!

The music was exquisite and the use of Bjork's ‘Joga’ at such a poignant point just made it all the more powerful along with how beautifully it was shot and how daring (but not gratuitously) it dealt with gang rape and child abuse, mob mentality and small creepy communities *shudder*. Brilliant writing from Jane Campion and Gerard Lee.

When you see good drama on that box, you want to just grab it and hold on to it and say ‘aaaargh fuck you reality television’.  However I have one thing to stamp my foot about regarding bbciplayer; you don’t give enough time to catch up! I've been recommending it all over the place and its gone already. So I suppose I'm recommending a boxette now? Here's Bjork's 'Joga' that is just gorgeous and was used so well in this...

Björk - Joga from Yose Kristian on Vimeo.

Talking of funny little communities, this time next week I will be back on the island I was born on, and making my way to Bestival. I’m going click my heels together and say ‘yes, yes I will enjoy Elton John’.  Such a gamble when you buy these tickets before the line-up is announced. Will keep you posted. If nothing else it has enabled me to invent a strange collection of steam punk pirate lady outfits and it’s my first time living in a tipi for four nights and days. This has to inspire a short story.

Sunday, 11 August 2013

Sirena, Izzy Bizu and some bloke you might have heard of...

Sirena: Love is Not

So in the last couple of weeks since being bowled over by Amanda Palmer, I've watched that Taylor/Burton thing on Beeb 3 and felt like I was wading through thick soup if I'm honest. I love Helena Bonham-Carter but it wasn't doing much for me and Dominic West just kept flashbacking me to Hector in The Hour. He wasn't channelling Burton well enough. 

I accidentally watched The Kite Runner which wasn't bad *but* making note to read the book. It *tenuous link * reminded me of The Stoning of Soraya M which is a far better (but traumatic) film, not in the story so much but the structure and the patriarchal comment and how its oppressiveness affects both sexes.

Apart from that I caught a bit of Big Brother, also by accident and its still ugly television so nothing to report on that.  

So music? Sirena from Sweden. This is a great track. File it next to Wounded Rhymes basically…loved it instantaneously.

Izzy Bizu: White Tiger

Next is Izzy Bizu. I listened to this a few months ago and thought ‘wow’ but got distracted, then bumped into it again today. Her voice is effortlessly brilliant and reminded me of my (slightly insane) music teacher at school telling me the greatest musical instrument is the voice. 

At the time I sulked clutching a flute desperately. Every now and then, a voice reminds me of what she said and Izzy’s definitely does…

And talking of voices? AlunaGeorge were pretty cool before they got in the charts? Or am I just being a snob? I don’t know… but Body Music is sounding a bit tame. Resurrect Analyser  please?

I heard a joke this week and I've actually remembered it.

‘How do you drown a hipster?’ 
‘Put them in the mainstream!’

Dear George and Aluna.  Don’t bloody drown! *crosses everything*  


And in other news: The Next Day

I kind of rebelled in a childish way about the newest  Bowie album, refused to listen to it in a yeah yeah blah blah, everyone is going to love it pedestal etc ...then I did listen to it. It's very, very, very good. And I particularly love The Stars (are out tonight). When Mister Bowie sings about stars (spacey or celebrity), you can be rest assured he's going to do a good job. I adore Tilda but.... stop trying to act David, just stop it. Stick to writing and singing.

Everyone get this album. I expect you probably have though. This video is a blinder. The song is amazingness.