Wednesday, 5 June 2013

iamamiwhoami (Live at Brixton Electric) and new tracks from Hot Chip, Austra and Kate Boy.

iamamiwhoami – live at Brixton Electric 30 May 2013

The iamamiwhoami show at Brixton Electric held all the same eccentric pop charm as the Southbank Centre date back in October; lovely crowd, and great atmosphere, a wonderfully mixed set list of ‘Bounty’ and ‘Kin’ beautifully performed by the tin foil queen silhouetted by a cube. This post is more to share the photographs and to reinforce that they are so worth going to see, jump on here iamamiwhoami-live-uk-debut-at-southbank to read about their debut in London.

As always, Jonna Lee was ready to put her arms out to the fans and receive gifts of foil crowns, all naturally shimmied in with some pretty quirky clock face like dancing mimicked by the adoring followers. The iamamiwhoami crowd is the most diverse, friendliest and enthused I've seen with lots of singing along and jumping about for tracks like 'Goods' , 'Clump', and 'Idle Talk'.

Perhaps the only slight criticism (and it’s not really much) was that the sound wasn't as impressive as the Southbank Centre and the interaction between Jonna and her backing singer for tracks like 'Idle Talk' wasn't quite as crisp. The Queen Elisabeth Hall at Southbank was a pretty amazing auditorium acoustically and gave much more of performance grandiose. This, of course, would be hard to replicate at Brixton Electric with its more traditional gig feel, although overall, you would have been mesmerised as a die-hard or new recruit post Kin for this pop art music.

As venues goes it was quite nice, reminding me a little of a purple themed Koko in Camden if you look at the pic to the right (past my hair and half pint of red wine *classy*). It has the same sort of old theatre feel with lots of seats and places to chill between sets. Support were Rex the Dog, very loud and completely fitting with remixes of New Order, Fever Ray, The Knife and Robyn.

Here's 'Idle Talk' from the night...enjoy!

Hot Chip: Dark and Stormy

I loved this in an instant fluttery way that has never happened for me with this band. I used to find Hot Chip extremely annoying but after some patience I now get them. I even quite like his voice. If you feel dark and stormy, this will disperse the clouds with lyrics like ‘We’ll make our own love, outrun the sadness’ Seize the day with an aaahoo sing along to this super catchy track.

Austra: Painful Like

Austra’s new track ‘Painful Like’ left me much more excited about seeing them in June than the last track ‘Home’. Both are coming from the new LP ‘Olympia’ which you can now pre-order here.  Katie Stelmanis is the mistress of melodic, neo-goth drama yet accessible dance beat, not unlike ‘Beat and the Pulse’, which is still a sweetheart of mine.

Kate Boy: The Way We Are

I’m also going to see Sweden’s Kate Boy soon and it’s all sounding verily promising; gaps will be filled in once I’ve been to the gig.  All three releases have been an itsy-bitsy bit samey (in a nice way, ‘signature’ is probably a kinder way of putting it) so it will be interesting to see their show. Her vocals and delivery remind me of a few darlings of mine, I’ve decided lately I find it a bit irksome being told what a band sound vaguely or massively like before I’ve heard them so listen and decide for yourselves.

All these tracks are (erm?) luxurious…luxuriate in them all above. Blog love x

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