Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Emika – live at Birthdays, London.

Dva is out now and every song has been to my liking so far. After seeing her live last night, I know this will be an ongoing love affair. For such haunting and intense music, her performance is surprisingly warm, although this was a venue with a stage about the size of my sitting room (that even she commented on as tiny half way through her set); it was hard to not feel it was an intimate gig. 

Her performance was full of energy from start to finish and she mingled in with her fans before and after the show to sign copies of Dva after injecting some humour into the proceedings when technical hitches threatened to scupper the beginning of the set.

There was of course a lot of backing as she’d have to be an octopus to play it all herself, but vocally it was live and tracks had been tweaked slightly for the show which I also like to hear. Favourites for me were ‘Searching’ (slightly edged up the jealousy theme with the uncensored ‘ shhhhush bitch look into my eyes’), ‘Drop The Other’ and ‘Centuries’ (minus the operatic interlude but that probably is too much to ask) And I loved the way she messed about with 'She Beats', teasing the crowd with slowing and speeding it up in a kind of mischievous 'I'm doing all this with a button' honesty.

I do wish she’d played a few more from her debut, particularly ‘Common Exchange’ which is my fave orProfessional Loving’…but you can’t have everything. Overall, it was a great gig and my only slight criticism is that her encore was a song she’d already done, not that ‘Sing to Me’ isn’t a great track to finish with…but she had already done it early on in the gig? Anyway, enjoy some blurry pics with me, it was so dark and she didn't keep still for long enough...

This is the new video for ‘Centuries’; it’s Emika baring her soul through dream-like nightmarish sequences, quite literally; vajazzled and eating her own eyelashes (ick)…but all in the best possible taste of course. I love the melodrama of the operatic part; in fact I love all of it. 

The claustrophobic and spiralling emotions of her songs and videos (made with Berlin based filmmaker Matt Lambert) sort of contradict the very smiley, high-energy show she puts on where she just looks like she’s having a ball, particularly when she poured water over her head before the encore and said ‘I’ve always wanted to do that’ and ended the gig with ‘I’ll be signing my album if you want to say hi or cuddle me later’. 

She is fab and here’s hoping she gets a bigger venue sometime soon, she’s more than worthy of it…

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