Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Records among other things…

Right now, I want everything on vinyl, mostly as the minute I acquired (thanks to my brother *mwah*) a record deck, my CD player refused to play. Call me a serendipitous digital luddite type, but I took that as a sign, even if it means re-mortgaging my life to pay for it.

I’ve recently had a birthday so got some records, and used it as an excuse to buy a lot more records. Then Record Store Day loomed, mid month (think about that organisers) and I didn’t buy a single record because I'd run out of reasons/money to be that frivolous... but how cool was it to see all those music lovers wandering off to get their records and CDs. And how sad that record store day used to be every Saturday.

As music is momentous for me, I rarely replace music with a new format, I love that they way you have to play a song is indicative of the time you purchased it. Which is why I still play cassettes, I won’t confess to what ( *ahem* Suede), but the joy of that sort of clumsy noise and weird squeak as you put it in the stereo, and even better, the tape you remember sticking a pencil in to remedy it being chewed up, is all part of it. I’m much more a memory purist than music so I’m sure that there’s a few tracks I could play in a different format to how I originally got it, and it would leave me with memory loss of that school disco, that undergraduate house party where I offered up the first CD I’d ever bought (confession-The Levellers circa 1992).

So I’m not about to throw away all my CDs (and I will be getting my CD player fixed), I will continue to dust off my cassettes every now and then and may even put on my video recording of ‘Desperately Seeking Susan’ in a celebration at some point. I’m never going to buy that film on DVD. And if you say ‘that because it’s shit’, I will just put my hands over my ears and ‘la la la’ my way back to my ten-year-old self and remember arguing with my parents about whether I was allowed to watch it. And aside from all that, over the years, a lot of the music, films and books I’ve got have been gifts and call me sentimental, I can’t replace them.

So, in an itsy bitsy bit ironic way, I hope you had a lovely 'buying music in a proper and physical way, ie, you walked to a record shop and picked it up in your hands' but I will now share with you what have I listened to online like a complete Judas this week. I suppose what I'm saying is, I use online to preview but at the end of the day, I want something I truly love in my hands.

First off, a newbie band for me comprising a girl/boy duo from Belgium called Float Fall, beautiful voices that compliment each other in a very XX kind of way. This track was out there a few weeks back but they promoted the vinyl release of 'Someday' for Record Store Day and its very lovely. Listen and watch below...

Float Fall also have a super live session on Spoor 8 .

 I’ve also heard a couple more tracks off of Emika’s coming album 'Dva' and they are brill with a big ‘B’. Here’s ‘Sing To Me’ and jump on this link for my thoughts on ‘Searching’ where she partakes in a bit of drunk acting. It’s going to be a good album and it's out June 10.

Then, Daft Punk broke Spotify. I don’t have spotify, mostly as it insists on a Facebook account, or it used to, and being asked once is enough to make me prickly about it. Anyway, the song ‘Get Lucky’ isn’t bad at all, a very catchy disco-y tune about, well, bonking really. You can listen to it here. I like it at the moment but I fear it may become overplayed and be kissed with the curse of a summer anthem. I’m just going to let it play for now. Let’s see anyway. It features Pharrell Williams and Nile Rogers throwing shapes in glittery suits *swoonladies... and the daft ones are in shiny helmets.

And in other news, I watched Jools Holland this week, I don't usually as it just makes me wonder why other music shows are no more and his keeps going; he presents clumsily, his hootenanny is famously fake and everything he plays on the piano sounds the bloody same. That's probably his charm though. Anyway, I did watch it and Tracey Thorn was on there, she was absolutely lovely and I had kind of forgotten about her. She's written a pop memoir called 'Bedsit Disco Queen'.  I don't usually read such things but this one looks like it might be good. I will keep you posted on that one.

*I dedicate this post to the mysterious man who runs 'Records' down the road from my house . Once you get past all the Level 42 (urgh!), there's some real gems hiding in his disorganised second hand record store... and he plays the vinyl very loudly to test them as you purchase. This can be embarrassing.*

My next post will be an ode to Olivia Colman. X

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