Monday, 11 March 2013

The Knife: A Tooth For An Eye

The second track from 'Shaking The Habitual' is already the best thing I've heard this year. It was so instant for me and the video just backs it up brilliantly with an urban tribal feel set in a gym. Choreographed with a young girl in the lead, the all male troop of dancers is certainly storming up ideas of gendered empowerment and limitations as she roars with stories to tell and demands their trust to let go of all consciousness of masculinity and leadership.

The video is directed by Roxy Farhat and Kakan Hermansson,  and it seems already that this long awaited follow up to the more obscure concept and collaborative electro opera  'Tomorrow, in a Year', and prior to that 'Silent Shout', will have a lot to say with its music and its visuals. So far, it's had a lot to do with patriarchy and power as in Roxy Farhat's statement released with the track ends;

The child is powerful, tough and sweet all at once, roaring "I'm telling you stories, trust me". There is no shame in her girliness, rather she possesses knowledge that the men lost a long time ago.

You feel the liberation of the men from the tenseness of a changing room shots at the beginning to the free flow of expression in dance as the girl remains their superior, executing her knowledge with a playful wink of knowing. As you watch this,  'A Tooth For An Eye' unravels in hook- laden and vibrant rebellion at what society expects of men and women... and pop music.

*Adore* basically.

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