Sunday, 24 February 2013

Niia - Made For You/Crystal Fighters - Separator

This is what I've been listening to this week. There's some live things I will be telling you about soon too...

But first...

Niia – Made For You

‘Made For You’ is a beautiful song, not my ‘usual’ of late as I’ve been a little impatient with these slow burning tunes. This one doesn’t take too long to hook you though; her voice is enigmatically drawing you into a tale of eerie and so-called societal perfection. There's a blurring of fantasy and reality and possibly a comment on the falseness and isolation of modern life.

Tony Kaye, who’s done a whole load of award winning music videos and the man behind ‘American History X’, directed this piece for Niia’s ‘Made For You’; it’s not a barrel of laughs, love and light. The creepy contrast of video and elegant music kind of works though and reveals tiny black mirrors (yes I will be writing a bit on that Brooker stuff later in the week) reflecting male gaze that could confuse real women with sex dolls and sex dolls with real women. More fool you man in the video.

And now for the warnings…the video is perhaps NSFW and a trigger in the VAW sense, also step away from the YouTube comments or your brain may explode with the f*cked up-ness of some that haunt the internet (unless of course, you want to buy a ‘realistic’, that is pube-less, ballooned boob sex doll, then you might find it helpful) The video is rather the 'classic' (or silly) film ‘Mannequin’ gone to the dark side in places.

Crystal Fighters - new track, new album, new tour. Hurry!

On a much lighter note, Crystal Fighters are back (finally!) with their banging brand of super catchy Balearic, tribal, indie, electronic fusion. Perfect festival music, so please, please get your beautiful crystal fightery selves to Bestival this year as I have tickets and a tipi on order… and the beginnings of lady pirate dress up.

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