Wednesday, 17 October 2012

iamamiwhoami – Live UK debut at the Southbank Centre, 10th October

On recovering from an awful bout of horribulous flu, I sniffled my way to the Southbank Centre to see iamamiwhoami. I’m so glad I did though, it was brilliant even foggy with cough mixture. We arrived with excited anticipation, really not knowing what to expect after so much mystery and hype surrounding this ‘project’.  All I can say is, if iamamiwhoami are your ‘thing’, make sure you see them if you get the chance.

Not wishing to unashamedly gush, but I will, the venue was rather nice (despite over zealous security pouncing on your cameras and a seated auditorium), the audience were gorgeous, the atmosphere was anticipatory with excitousness.  Jonna Lee gave a beautifully eccentric performance, flawless, quirky and bewitchingly charmed her adoring fans, even almost knocking one out when her microphone stand fell into the audience. She concernedly paused to check they were okay of course.

The set list shuffled unordered through Kin with the gems 'Good Worker', ' Drops', 'Kill', 'In due Order', 'Sever' and included older tracks that got a committed army of iamamiwhoami followers out of their seats as the lovely Jonna danced up the aisles to delighted gig goers. I say ‘gig’ but it felt very different from the usual and everything about the evening felt strangely intimate and surprising and very much more ‘performance’. Not that I doubted the music couldn't stand without the film shorts but it really was hard to know what to expect.

The huge cube was lit in different colours, visually simple yet everything worked, even the slighty sport themed costumes from Jonna’s body suit to her entourage of baseball cap wearing hybrid cricket/tennis playing backing musicians? It sounded great, it looked a treat, especially Jonna's courtship of a fair amount of fabric furry demon, and it tied in with the infamous videos without repeating what we've already seen. Even the pre show viewing of the film (DVD with album my blog friends) in the bar beforehand seem to set the atmosphere of iamamiwhoami love that proved unmistakable.

I do often feel that once you've seen a band, you've seen them but I’d definitely go to a  iamamiwhoami show again because it’s overall quite a delight, musically and visually.  The audience really did feel passionate and not like they’d just wandered in on the off chance which is how a recent gig I went to disappointingly felt.

So massive love for Jonna now, I will resist making a crown out of tin foil though. Below is the first single to release from Kin, this is probably the simplest of the videos but easily my favourite. Her dancing alone sells it; I don’t even hear the Bee Gees now.

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