Saturday, 13 October 2012

El Perro Del Mar new video and more Labyrinth Ear…

I have ‘Walk on By’ on repeat right now, it has a bit of *ahem ‘90’s’ feel, a lot are saying The knife meets Lykke Li which is true but it’s for some reason making me think of Saint Etienne too with this particular one. El Perro Del Mar is Sarah Assbring (Swedish of course), I have already blogged ‘Walk on By’ minus video and her super excellent ‘Innocence is Sense’ earlier so please jump back to view the video, it’s very Ashes Bowie era like visually, for me anyway and quite spooky. I can’t wait for Pale Fire out on November 13th, which will mean I can stop wearing out The xx’s Coexist.

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Labyrinth Ear: Urchin/Apparitions

Now for the lovely ghostly melancholy of Labyrinth Ear.  Again, there’s some jumping about needed as I blogged ‘Urchin’ a few weeks back which is available to download now but with flu and nothing much else to do, I started digging about for more and gave their EP ‘Apparitions’ a listen.

Now the stand out track on this ‘ice disco’ as they tag their sound, is definitely ‘Humble Bones’, which is very New Ordery, but with female vocals, so what do you think? There are echoes of Purity Ring, The Golden Filter, a little Niki & the Dove percussion moments. This can be downloaded here.

Another must listen is  ‘Amber’ off the EP and this rather cutely creepy video for Snow White which has something a bit Depeche Mode going on in it in places. Eyes wide open for more from them in 2013.

And in more exciting news: iamamiwhoami at Southbank Centre on Wednesday! I was recovering from a horribulous flu thing and by the end of it, had a teeny tiny bagpuss mouse voice but it was brilliant. Review to come.

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