Sunday, 19 August 2012

Labyrinth Ear - Urchin

This is gorgeous. I was supposed to be working on my other blog but this track has distracted me with its ghostly loveliness. Labyrinth Ear (What's that all about? Do some interviews and explain yourselves prettily please) are a duo from London and with the new single 'Urchin' remind me of a bewitching blend of Keep Shelly in Athens, Purity Ring and pre - Visions Grimes ... so mahoosive excitement for them then.

Have a listen below, lovely layered beepy spellwork on a resonating bassline that reminds me of something from The Golden Filter's 'Syndromes'. Eyes wide open for more from them.

I dedicate this post to my sister who probably won't like this song but will appreciate the sentiment. Sweetiedarling x

Heard this track first on the brill tumbly 

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