Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Purity Ring- Shrines (released on 4AD 24th July)

Every now and then Shrines evokes feelings of shadowy paranoia, spiders’ legs on stilts sat in corners, Groove Armada wearing a pointy chillwave black hat waiting to pounce with their long synthesizer fingers and weird bleep ‘shizzle’ gift wrapped in pretty ribbons. What’s not to like exactly?  Especially Lofticries. Here’s the latest offering 'Fineshrine'; strangely sweet and disturbing all at once.

Parts of this album remind me of Crystal Castles but with more melody, very occasional Bjork quirk blended with indie dubstep-ish qualities, admittedly the first track does sound like a PC start up but be patient.

I’ve run out of words for popglitch and button’ so rather than drag our pop sensibilities through all the tracks… just jump on the album stream here. The guy sings sometimes too, he shouldn’t though, not with that RnB intonation; perhaps it grows on you? Overall Shrines is a goody and Megan’s vocals sound like that of a sugarcoated murderess.

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First Listen: Purity Ring 'Shrines'

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