Saturday, 7 July 2012

Funny Electronic Ladies...


So first off let’s get the Bjork thing over with; she, that is Christina McGeehan, is a bit Bjorkish in that she’s a bit Bat for Lashes but with more buttons and less strings and possibly Glasser like…if you bought Biophilia and felt a little confused, you might like this.

Her album ‘Totem’ is based around spirit animals, take a guess with ‘Howl’ then. I like it. I’m undecided about the video as I like cute animation but I kept thinking of Albarn’s ‘Gorillaz’ and then it all became far too animal ‘point making’ centric. I like horses, where are the horses? The last horse I saw in a video was in this one. I also love Santigold.

The album ‘Totem’ is out now, jump to the BEEB review for tasters.

Planningtorock- Patriarchy over & out

And then Planningtorock  came out with a new single 'Patriarchy over & out' which in a demographic of people around me has mean't  I've been sentenced to headphones...indefinitely. But I love this. Yes, her vocals are a little uncomfortable for some, but just listen again. Her album is amazing as was her contribution to The Knife's electro opera. Said track is soundclouding here as the upload to youtube was a static I needed more time to think about...

Gazelle Twin- When I Was Otherwise

Meanwhile Gazelle Twin who is very funny, a lady and electronic (funny weird, not funny haha, although I'm sure she is witty) clearly has a naughty favourite friend with a button and a new video for her album ‘The Entire City’ (not a euphemism for anything, honestly) and this sounds like Depeche Mode’s beautiful step sister rather slowed down.

I’m experimenting with minimalist blogging again. I also love this tumbly for heads up on music. I dedicate this post to my readers in the county of that big space around Greater Manchester, mostly as that's where Planningtorock was birthed...and to anyone that gets the children's televisual metaphor going on. There are times when I am tempted to merely say 'This sounds good so listen to it. End of' .

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