Thursday, 26 July 2012

Crystal Castles: Plague

I love this. I'm so glad they are back with their ravey brand of catacombic screeching techpop. (Those might not be real words but you know what I mean)  'Plague' is a  free download to give us a taster of the long and complicated wait for a third album.  And if Alice and Ethan are in a cooperative mood, they are brilliant live; it was raining and muddy so it was in a strained Wellingtons clad situation I saw them, but they definitely can pull it off with a clashing air of facile and trouble.

There's something rather brilliant about this Canadian duo who seem to do nothing much to promote anything but are always on the radar, despite Alice's occasional stage tantrums and storms and refusal to answer or explain anything they do or even give their album defining titles. The music does it of course, reverb building around something a bit *ahem* Tardis-like that metamorphose towards the end into something sinister and alien sounding amidst Alice cooing melodically and shrieking banshee impression.

So to Crystal Castles III then? Unless of course they do give this new album a defining title. Can't wait.

Free download via Soundcloud

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