Thursday, 14 June 2012

Sigur Ros: Varuo

I’m running a little behind again, the  Sigur Ros album 'Valtari' was out at the end of May but thankfully this beautiful noise arrived in my peripheral when I needed it most.  After a stressful week, and now with most of that lifted, this track matched everything perfectly. Music plays a big part. Ranging from the everyday incidental to the most moving with huge significance; it is the quiet, the excitement, the anticipation, the desperate and at its most superficial and light, equally as important.

Mostly music reminds me of something specifically; a time or a person. What Sigur Ros do is remind me of a feeling, a place internally and hard to explain. Rarely do not understanding any words bother me, the music makes it unimportant in this instance; all in Icelandic, beauty in gobbledigook.

The video is heavily coded and ethereal. I love it. I’ve shared my love of Sigur Ros with friends, most notably one said I find it hard to listen Jonsi’s voice, it makes me want to cry’. Yes. The other said. ‘Everything’s suddenly gone a bit Coldplay’ (I did poke that person in the eye of course) Listen and decide for yourself. I equally love the mystery film experiment going on with the tiny figures coming out of the rock to transcend to another realm. And the codes.

Heavenly and grounding simultaneously, this track just lifts everything. I was similarly overwhelmed reviewing Sigur Ros front man Jonsi’s album ‘Go, especially after seeing him live, too amazing to even make a silly joke about and that’s serious. Gorgeousness.

Get the album here. You will be overwhelmed from Overwhelmsville. If you’re not, I can’t be your friend *wink*

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