Friday, 22 June 2012

El Perro Del Mar - Innocence is Sense

Those Swedes just make too much weird and wonderful noise. El Perro Del Mar is Sarah Assbring and she's now taken the darker path with her music. Strange hat, creepy hotel room and some stylised camera shots reminding me of Bowie's Ashes to Ashes video, although that could simply be the application of thick blusher on alabaster skin circa 1980.

Towards the end, the layered instrumentation brings forth Tales of Musical Unexpected. Weird dancing in flame fakery reminds me of a strange children's annual of unexplained phenomenon my brother had that used to scare me, particularly a spontaneous combustion photograph comprising a charred slipper *shudder*. Bonkers, sorry innovative daaaahlings.

Her vocals are distorted and other worldly but it all amounts to something quite memorable and catchy and Knife-esque (yes them again) in its art pop sensibility.  Have a listen above, the album Pale Fire is out soon and Innocence is Sense already promises more haunting beepy noises to come.