Saturday, 26 May 2012

iamamiwhoami - Kill

I've missed a few chapters in this new iamamiwhoami project, spoilt for videos lately, we have been taken from the urban greyness of a tower block, to a car park, through a forest, over a desert, into mountains and finally now we are at the ocean, interjected with Jonna back where she started clad mostly in white but now in black teetering on the brink.  With the news that the album has been pushed back to September, Jonna Lee's creativity continues to mesmerise and capture the imagination in pop art form from conception to no doubt its finale, and is verified with this latest offering.

Video after video merit comment and shouldn't be missed for their discernible quirkiness.  I didn't get time to blog every one but 'Kill' is standing out in its fatalistic, gimmick free minimalism, most notably, minus the hairy creatures from previous episodes in this electro tale of conscious and unconscious oddity. 

Watch above...Jonna is singing of something not being worth it, grim lyrically, outside of that, there's much to take note alongside an instantly memorable and super catchy tune. The album will be worth it going by what's been produced so far; it has a very evolutionary feel, both musically and visually, lots of contrasting imagery including birth and death, beginning and ending. Very simply and most importantly it sounds good, it looks interesting.

So far 'Sever' and 'Kill' have stood out. For me anyway. I haven't checked but here's hoping they are doing some festivals in the UK before the big push with the album in early Autumn.

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