Saturday, 26 May 2012

iamamiwhoami - Kill

I've missed a few chapters in this new iamamiwhoami project, spoilt for videos lately, we have been taken from the urban greyness of a tower block, to a car park, through a forest, over a desert, into mountains and finally now we are at the ocean, interjected with Jonna back where she started clad mostly in white but now in black teetering on the brink.  With the news that the album has been pushed back to September, Jonna Lee's creativity continues to mesmerise and capture the imagination in pop art form from conception to no doubt its finale, and is verified with this latest offering.

Video after video merit comment and shouldn't be missed for their discernible quirkiness.  I didn't get time to blog every one but 'Kill' is standing out in its fatalistic, gimmick free minimalism, most notably, minus the hairy creatures from previous episodes in this electro tale of conscious and unconscious oddity. 

Watch above...Jonna is singing of something not being worth it, grim lyrically, outside of that, there's much to take note alongside an instantly memorable and super catchy tune. The album will be worth it going by what's been produced so far; it has a very evolutionary feel, both musically and visually, lots of contrasting imagery including birth and death, beginning and ending. Very simply and most importantly it sounds good, it looks interesting.

So far 'Sever' and 'Kill' have stood out. For me anyway. I haven't checked but here's hoping they are doing some festivals in the UK before the big push with the album in early Autumn.

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Niki & The Dove- Instinct: album review

Officially out on Monday, it’s been no rushed affair getting an album from Swedish electro duo Niki & The Dove. Already two EPs down, the album, ‘ Instinct’ features tracks that have been around since 2010, re-recorded, mostly unnecessarily as the originals were brilliant anyway. For those that followed them prior to all the BBC ‘sounds’ hype, this album already has a ‘greatest hits’ feel, albeit not in the mainstream until now.

Kicking off with latest release ‘Tomorrow’, the album starts with a track that sums them up with a slightly experimental edge decorated with an easy going melodic pop sensibility; kind of starry and other worldly in another galaxy type way. Malin’s vocals really make the ‘kook’ ingredient that seems to be all the rage with artists like Grimes right now. There’s a touch of Fleetwood Mac in this opener in places, a slight haunting of Stevie Nicks which is bearable yet supersedes and saturates overly in track 3, ‘In Our Eyes’; my affection for them only goes as far as Mick looking like my dad so skip that one if you are so inclined.

‘The Drummer’ as track 2 is just fabulousness, seeing Malin channelling her Bush  (yes really, see video), all layered synths and pounding drums makes it all human with a hint of Gustaf’s vocals. The longevity of Niki & The Dove is that these tracks still sound fresh two years later, and some released just last year, can still cut it on a debut album.

‘Gentle Roar’ and ‘Mother Protect’ are two of my favourites, particularly for The Knife feel that they embrace and epitomise in ‘DJ Ease My Mind’. I still think they’ve failed to top DJ for its pure and simple expansionist electro; melody pulsating through technology and nature, dark and light (like Star Wars according to Gustaf). These tracks from the duo really do cross a few boundaries, keeping it ‘furious’ (according to Malin) and make this album so worthwhile despite the odd downturn into 80’s poop.

‘Last Night’ and ‘Love To The Test’ are two tracks of romantic, love at first sight angst, marrying you on a back seat loveliness, hold someone tight right now and enjoy, it’s no lie, lots of breath being taken away…swoooon. ‘Somebody’ takes that guilty smoochfest pleasure too far, another one to skippity, two out of thirteen isn’t bad though.

‘Winterheart’ catches you somewhere between ‘Mother Protect’ and ‘Under The Bridges’, and brings you back up to speed with ‘The Fox’. Overall ‘Instinct’ is a good album, the foundations for an amazing album in the future? It closes with ‘Under The Bridges’ that does take you back and shows much promise and if there’s one thing their tracks never lack, it’s energy… whether it be in a forest, in space or just plain weirdy popland.

Talking of which, Grimes has a new video out for ‘Nightmusic’. There’s a spurious attempt at a narrative that’s a little muddled in mythology and religious imagery, not too much to read in to especially alongside indecipherable lyrics.

Electro females and forests go hand in hand right now it seems with the comedy of Austra, the quirk art of Iamamiwhoami and now Grimes. Personally, I prefer to see her doing her stuff live but in this latest offering, 'Nightmusic ft Majical Cloudz' sounds great and Grimes looks beautifully otherworldly in an electro sprite kind of realm…enjoy below.

Stream Instinct on NME
Grimes Image:

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Listening to this week...

Dreamy melodies...

Continuing the saga of how to blog and feed a four week old baby for hours on end and huge thanks to a friend that makes slings that makes my hands freer to type, I’m going to blog what I listened to just now. This is about sharing a mish mash of kind of sleepy music in a slightly erratic way. It’s all pretty current (I haven’t time to check exactly) but perhaps not breaking news. Attention to detail will resume probably some time in 2013. Until then, enjoy with me...

School of Seven Bells - Reappear

First is School of Seven Bells, dreamy loveliness is their speciality even since the demise of a third member. I loved 'Half Asleep' which defines me currently.The video for 'Reappear' from current album 'Ghostory' is a bit short filmic-ishly epic; it starts with an angst ridden answer message, skip that bit if you’re short on time like me and can’t be bothered with a sad story, then float away with the melody backed by very low bleepy fli stuff. Nice swirly bubble music basically. The album ‘Ghostory’ is out now, do a googly search via Amazon and buy it.

Marissa Nadler- The Wrecking Ball Company

Marissa Nadler with ‘The Wrecking Ball Company’ is from Boston; gorgeousness, beautiful voice and lovely shoes. What more could you ask for? Sometimes only folky dream pop will do, I've been missing Bat For Lashes lately.

Haunting and melancholic, her more recent offerings have earned notice from Mojo and Rolling Stone, don't let that put you off though.  Nadler is not a newbie by any means but her introspective melodies are definitely worth listening out for. Her new album 'The Sister' is due out on May 29th.

HTRK- Synthetik

HTRK (pronounced 'Hate Rock') with ‘Synthetik’ are a moody electronic duo, sounding as eerie as a David Lynch soundtrack.You would think they would be from somewhere that lacks daylight but actually they come from sunny Melbourne.

The antidote to this is great songs with creepy odd videos. Jump on this link ‘Love Triangle’ too, a bit icky to view unless you have a seafood fetish… The album Work (work, work)  was out last year and is full of doom laden romantic strangeness.  Growing loooove for them.

Very important and creative people probably directed all these videos.  I found them all here, a very nice tumbly upon. I will of course use just having a baby as an excuse to blog music in a rush rush away again. It was very liberating.

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