Friday, 9 March 2012

Keep Shelly in Athens – New video for ‘Our Own Dream’.

The electronic duo and haut monde of current music from Athens (although they’ve been known to flirt from the hometown mystery angle like so many bands of late) have released this rather lovely video for ‘Our Own Dream’, the title track from the 2011 EP that definitely deserves some more plays.

A mesmerising slice of down tempo, dreamy pop that will lift and transport you to a more fecund time of year if suffering with post wintery/hauntronica overload. Directed by Thanisis Tsimpinis, the video compliments the circling vocals and percussion that pleasantly disorientate and climax agreeably. 

Keep Shelly in Athens - Our Own Dream from Thanasis Tsimpinis on Vimeo.

As captivating as the aforementioned Cremona Memories and  Running Out of You’ from the EP  In Love With Dusk , ‘Our Own Dream’ stands alone beautifully and they certainly don’t need to pull the mystery card quite so much. Sarah P is turning up as guest vocals on various projects lately and the release of this video was a reminder of this other quite carefree track heard a few weeks back that should have been mentioned, as usual too much music, too little time.

 Here is this one from Mmoths for your listening delight; it will take you back to end of year parties at High School with some of the ambience of earlier M83 and atmospheric penchant of Portishead.

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