Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Rosemary, Crim3s and a new video from Au Palais...

Rosemary: A Persian Tale EP available now

Rosemary has perked up a rather quiet start to 2012 superbly, a Danish/Iranian boy/girl duo that have already been making a mark in Denmark (yes those who enjoyed Borgen and The Killing recently, Copenhagen is all the popular culture rage right now). They are currently enjoying a friendly push from the brilliant The Golden Filter covered here last year and rumours are cautiously surfacing already of collaborations.

Not surprisingly, the lead track  ‘Old Persian Tale’ will appeal to those that enjoyed the moody sounds of The Golden Filter ‘Syndromes’ EP and this also comes with a rather mysterious and darkly shot short film, jump here to watch the brilliance.For those impatient for some spine tingling sounds, the EP track version has less atmospheric pausing and more ‘oomph’ for want of a better word.

It is a great taster from a mix of six tracks that really do engage the pioneering sounds of Kraftwerk and New Order, but with diversity of female vocal range layered over the top and the filmic qualities of Blade Runner along with some Abba on helium; honestly, try out Sleep Alone’, brilliantly bonkers with echoes of ‘Lay All Your Love on Me’.

Download the EP ‘A Persian Tale’ for free here, the whole thing is a must listen.


Crim3s- self-titled EP

Crim3s are channelling the energy of Crystal Castles rather impressively. High energy, ear bleedingly buzzy electronics and Alice Glass like reverberation and distorted vocals.  Definitely ones to keep an eye out for, it’s the sort of sound I prefer for summer for that festival feel but can hit the spot in the dark wintery months too. Don’t be put off by the sometimes pesky, sometimes misleading Witch House tag on these, it’s a troubled genre of symbolic gobbledegook that can hide some good stuff. . Listen to 'Breed' below...Wake up music.

The duo, Sadie Phelps and Sloww Ddeath (trying to be cool on this but to be honest, the teacher in me wants to grab a red pen and tell them off) also remixed the brilliant Crystal Castles ‘Intimate too…jump if you’re fan of this type of electronica then check out the glitchy promo here.

EP available on http://www.blackbusrecords.bigcartel.com/product/crim3s-ep

Au Palais- video for 'Tender Mercy'. 

And finally, the very lovely Au Palais’ ‘Tender Mercy’ title track from their impressive debut EP of last year finally has a video. Took rather too long but is prettily shot in and around an ironically merciless looking freezing Toronto. Enjoy the snowy scenes and somewhat pinched faces below…still a mesmerising tune with a video that was worth the wait.


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