Monday, 20 February 2012

Nightlife: 'Radio' EP out now

Nightlife is another duo embodying the new talents Darin Rajabian and Caroline Myrick.  If you like very pure pop in a glitzy like Goldfrapp or Glass Candy way, this could be for you.

A synth melodic combination of new wavey 80’s slightly notched up without jumping on any cringe worthy bandwagons or regurgitating the past.It’s rather euro disco inspired without the trash and heralding from Michigan, the side of the pond that a diverse range of electronic music seems to be emanating of late.

The latest EP ‘Radio’ has been out since October 2011 and is definitely worth checking out. Jump on the feel good video below for ‘On The Run’, the opening track which bursts with pop appealingly dulcet vocals gently yielding to shimmering synths.

The six-track EP unfolds with delectable and uncomplicated hook laden tunes, no surprises but an aural pleasure and light homage to pop if feeling a teensy bit bogged down with all the more affected electro prevailing lately. Thinking of the recent reminder of the dewy catchiness of Saint Etienne’s return, this duo has a similar energy without the London stamped postcode.

 Enjoy my second choice, ‘Lightspeed’ which I think is pushing all the buttons in a veritably ‘Visage’ musical gait with a nod to ‘Fade to Grey’ within the lyrics too.


On The Run
Already Gone
The Nineties

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*With thanks to Toni Hughes for the heads up*

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