Wednesday, 29 February 2012

iamamiwhoami –Sever/Drops

 New album and visual art project on the way...

iamamiwhoami, the mysterious art pop ‘project’ has returned with some teasers from a rumoured album release in June. ‘Sever’ was available to view online a couple of weeks ago; after a few listens, I now adore it muchly and she sounds not unlike Cerys Matthews at times in this one.  

The rather catchy ‘Drops’ appeared today and picks up with Jonna the ‘beauty’ dancing with her invisible ‘beast’. Who knows what these videos are about but the tunes are good, pure electronica; they are both well worth a listen so decide for yourselves.

Singer/songwriter Jonna Lee clearly likes things to link and each video seems to contain numerically related images; these new videos showing perhaps a thematic innocence as Jonna is clad in white and cavorts with, for want of a better word, a sasquatch?  As some of the previous audio/visual treats featured so much woodland, maybe she dragged one back just for her slightly gaga imaginings.  Anyway, could this symbolise her own demons or is it some comment on nature and purity and in no way an avant-garde attempt at remaking ‘Bigfoot and the Hendersons’ circa 1987.

I’m sure the audio/visual releases to come will clear this up and, you never know, maybe she’ll buy herself a dress to celebrate.  These are quirky tunes with varying degrees of arty good or perhaps nonsensical visuals, all pointing towards a talented mistress of bonkers creativity. I lovelovelove her voice and the beeps are good. Enjoy.

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