Friday, 16 December 2011

Niki & The Dove…release two new videos.

These new videos are for tracks from 2010 to end what has been a phenomenal year for the Swedish duo. Personally, 'Mother Protect' and 'DJ Ease My Mind' are my absolute favourites and beat anything they've done since. Such a welcome and deserved idea to promote these earlier pieces from Malin’s unsurpassable song writing for more a recent audience now they are all over the place since their BBC Sound of 2012 nomination.

‘Mother Protect’ was the first song I reviewed such a long time ago but is still sounding just as undimmed and vitally haunting as back then and was choicely placed on their second EP of this year ‘The Drummer’. This is Malin Dahlstrom and Gustaf Karlov sounding at their most Knife-like; nature centric yet impressively fused with tech pop.

The video is gorgeously fitting with the lovely wild haired Malin running tribal fashion through one of mother earth’s finest forests amongst a beautiful percussive combination of electronics, drums and the primitive sound of a pan flute, all without sounding too toe curlingly folky. As always the Fever Ray vocalising echoes and seemingly channelling of Kate Bush dance moves works wonderfully for the this superior Nordic electro. Enjoy the maternal pulse once again.

Shortly after this treat, ‘DJ Ease My Mind’ popped back into the radar with a new video, admittedly I’m not so enamoured with this one probably because I love the accidental choreography of the foundling tapes containing a trapeze courtship of the original video; simple beauty. Of course, this footage was a cheap way to promote the single at the embryonic stage of the duo’s new venture so now enjoy the glitzy disco vision of this new cut, a more literal interpretation of the song title. The track is as mind-blowing as it was, the new video is, well discotastic then, but lacks depth. The main thing is ‘play that song again’lovelovelove.

News from Fever Ray...

And for those who love their music and want to do something a bit charitable in that lull after all the festivities, there’s a new track from Karin Dreijer Andersson ‘No Face’ on the 14 track benefit album to support the efforts in the post tsunami trauma in Japan due out in January.

The album is mostly commandeered by the band Blonde Redhead but has the known names of artists such as Deerhunter, John Maus and Interpol amongst others. Jump here to the Fever Ray blog for more information on We Are The Work in Progress, a good cause and no doubt musically interesting too. 

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