Monday, 7 November 2011

Misfits: Series 3- Episode 1 (spoilers)

Rush rush to get this review online as episode 2 aired last evening, mostly as I stalled catching up on it due to my concerns over the loss of Nathan at the end of the last series. Lots of ‘Shall or shan’t I?’ and then I caved and was pleasantly surprised.

So Nathan’s super power was ‘luck’ if memory serves me so he’s gone now and will no longer don the icky orange jumpsuit. The old team of offenders were kind of tired and getting to the end of their stories: Lauren was, well Lauren, sharp, crude and funny, always very likeable; Curtis, well slightly dull along with his one time ‘lust interest' ‘Alisha’ in the ‘you can’t touch but quick jump behind this curtain while I do a little finger shuffle and you do the old in and out with a hand’…kind of sums up the lewd humour that went to new levels in this opener with the wise crack (geddit) derrière lines from the new character and aptly named Rudy.

Paling into insignificance along side this witty addition to the ‘asboers’ was Simon and who knows where this one is going; apparently he is now good at jumping and has successfully hooked the pretty one. Personally I preferred him as the nerdy, virginal weirdo to the unconvincing nice guy ‘knight in shining slightly off kilter’ cyber goth outfit.

Despite what looked like could be ‘over kill in concrete urban decay’ this opener did work, mostly down to the newbie Rudy. A face and voice that viewers may recognise from skinhead ‘Woody’ in the ‘This is England’ or perhaps your mum may recognise as a ‘Dingle’ from Emmerdale.

There was a slightly lame link for Rudy to the group having been involved with the ‘cock monster’ Alisha and then been so hurt, he’d tried to kill himself. Perhaps a way to gel the character to the group but to be honest, it didn’t work and actually Rudy’s character from the offset was strong enough not to need the tenuous bridge.

His character seems to hint at some sort of vaguely bi polar super power, which could get interesting. How handy would it be to rid yourself of extreme personality/chemical imbalance disorders or use them to meddle in life’s events? Not absolutely sure really, super power or super hindrance?

The new powers offered by the sudden appearance of the suited mystery man hunting for a specific power are a little vague so far, less obvious choices maybe than marvel character-esque invisibility, time reversal and so on, but they will need some pretty strong storylines to keep up the interest and pace that this opener successfully captured. 

Great opening and looking much more promising than after the weaker finale last Christmas. The biggest disappointment for me? Well, killing off the evil ‘pause people’ girl it has to be, I really liked her and would have happily seen her replace Curtis or Alisha as a murdering then duping new insider to the group. Sadly she is now 6 feet under sharing a grave with the ‘she liked it up the arse’ girl...what an epitaph!

Sharp, well shot with very basic humour…at some point a hint at what the storm is all about may start to surface. For now, I think even the writers probably don’t even know and are winging it while keeping us curious.

Anyway, my droogs, not one for keeping to deadlines here, I’m now going to watch episode 2 a day late and hope last week’s wasn’t merely some weird storm honeymoon of comic moments. If you hear no more, it probably means I thought it went downhill too far into smut and unclever ‘get them out for the lads’ cheap tricks to keep its audience.

Jump here to 4OD  to catch up.

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