Saturday, 26 November 2011

The Golden Filter: Syndromes

An EP and a short film directed by Kristoffer Borgli...

It is strange where you bump into good music sometimes but this short and beautifully shot film ‘Syndromes’ has sound and music by The Golden Filter, a band I’ve not heard much of before.

New Yorkers, Penelope Trappes and Stephen Hindman,  are no stranger to the more atmospheric of electronic music, the soundtrack for this film directed by Norwegian Kristoffer Borgli, is mesmerising and perfectly fitting in the story of a young girl with healing powers that seems almost farmed out to perform her ‘gift’ by her own mother and protector.

The results be her literally vomiting her nurturing healing power out on to a metaphoric conveyor belt of production; anyone else see a parallel with the exploitative music industry? This film has many layers of meaning wonderfully captured in a matter of minutes of creativity and is almost certainly shot in a way for personal perspective. If that sounds of interest, do jump on the film short for 11 minutes or so of thought provoking direction plus some rather good music.

The Golden Filter are definitely a band to keep an eye out for if you like something verbosely layered with charmingly haunting melody; on first listen for me they seem to be capturing the spirit of early Ladytron’s brooding moodiness, Goldfrapp’s seduction and even in one track Tears For Fears on the cusp of their claustrophobic madness, all of whom have since rather lost their way (particularly Ladytron who seem to have resorted to raping a melange of ancient beliefs via a shopping spree for lanterns at Ikea in their latest video ‘Mirage').

After a couple of quiet weeks, this band and particularly the film were a pleasant find in my fog of nothing to share bubble pricked rudely by endless predictable ’best of year lists’ to bore your festive baubles off (yes, starts earlier every year) The short film gives the music some depth that may not come across when merely listening to it.  The added profundity, I think, shows the impact of a great music video that so few bands bother to do in this quick ‘convenience music’ digital mentality of late.

The EP really is superb and as usual I’m finding it pretty impossible to choose a must listen so take your pick via this soundcloud stream.  Make sure you also check out this gorgeous remix from Au Palais of The Golden Filter's latest single ' Mother' to be released from the EP on December 5th. Enjoy its soundclouding loveliness below via the beautiful marriage of two relatively new and great electronic and atmospheric bands.

  The Golden Filter - Mother (Au Palais Remix) by TheSoundsOfSweetNothing

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