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The Do: album review of 'Both Ways Open Jaws' and teasers from M83 'Hurry Up, We're Dreaming.

French/Finnish duo, Olivia Merilahti and Dan Levy, The Do, are finally about to release ‘Both Ways Open Jaws’ in the UK on November 19th.   This follow up to ‘A mouthful’ and the brilliant track ‘On My Shoulders’ and  ‘The Bridge is Broken’ is just as full of unique, glitchy and diverse treats.

Finnish musician and singer Olivia has a similar energy to Lykke Li, Natasha Khan of Bat For Lashes and Malin Dahlstrom of Niki & the Dove. The Do are definitely combining that whimsy feel with tracks like 'Moon Mermaids’ and 'Was it a Dream?’ with the tribal beats of the more electronic sound of Fever Ray in the track ‘Slippery Slope’; a mergence of pop and nature sensibility.

The video for 'Slippery Slope' also reminds me of the choreography for Bat for Lashes 'Daniel' from a few years back. What The Do and all these other female fronted musicians seem to achieve is a layered embodiment of that haunting esoteric feel over hooky pop tunes adding a welcome and darker depth.

There’s a vocal effect towards the end which made me flinch in its lack of immediacy but after a few listens adds a hysteric glitch to the beats that works. Personally, it takes me a little while to warm to a surprise within a track but after the initial ‘jump’, I usually do. Have a listen below…

Her distinctive vocals backed by Levy’s music interchange enormously from track to track in range and the music affords the same variegation and is impossible to define in purist terms. It’s very hard to choose from an album of consistently strong tracks but they’re a few online to tease you as the album was released in France in March earlier this year. ‘Too Insistent’ is another favourite of mine and also has a rather good video that somehow reminds me in some shots of something Nick Cave might do and, no, it’s not just the mature man’s dancing.

So final taster was a tough one, I had to toss a coin over ‘Was it a Dream?’ and the opener track ‘Dust it off’. ‘Was it a Dream?’ won on the better youtube static and its beautifully melancholy air that mirrors one of the slower acoustic tracks on Lykke’s last superb offering ‘Wounded Rhymes’.

Only a few weeks to wait to release as the ‘want’ list gets longer and longer. The Do are sounding pretty original with some notable leanings to this year’s current sounds emanating from the colder climes with a touch of French joie de vivre.


Dust It Off
Gonna Be Sick!
The Wicked and the Blind
Too Insistent
Bohemian Dances
Smash Them All Night ( Night Visitors)
Leo Leo
Slippery Slope
The Calendar
Was it a Dream?
Quake, Mountain, Quake
Moon Mermaids

Teaser tracks for new M83 album...

And talking of France, M83 has a super double CD offering being released on October 18th,  'Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming. I've already mentioned the first offering which is the synth pop lovely ‘Midnight City’, jumpy jump back some posts here for my immediate thoughts on it; weeks later, it’s still pretty toe tapping catchy. 

After a little bit of searching, here’s the tracklist and another teaser ‘Steve McQueen’ amongst the plentiful that have been removed from youtube pretty sharpish. From the few tracks I’ve heard, M83’s comeback is sounding very promising and will be available shortly.

*Don't forget anything in purple is a link for more info*

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