Friday, 7 October 2011

Bewitching music for the weekend anyone?

Esben and the Witch – Hexagons II (The Flight)

Esben and the Witch are releasing a new EP on the 7th November and Hexagons is looking as deep and darkly enchanting as the brilliant Violet Cries from earlier this year.

Listen below to the signature reverb and melancholy lament that singer, Rachel Davies, lends her angelic vocals to over gentle and beguiling instrumentation.

Esben and the Witch were a welcome severance into a more tranquil breathing space amongst the higher energy acts at Bestival last month. They put on an exceptional performance to compose oneself to before the evening’s more club like escapades.

If you like to lose yourself in part to a fathomless realm of the more romantic side of goth, then this will suit perfectly and the 6 track digitally released EP Hexagons will burst with more dream like aesthetic.

Niki & The Dove- The Drummer

Very serendipitously, I was only bemoaning lack of exciting Niki & The Dove news in more than one quarter this week so with much elation share this new single ’The Drummer’.

Niki fans have been a little starved of videos from the duo but when they do treat us, it always penetrates the mind, this one particularly for its near channelling of dance moves from the wonderful Kate Bush ‘Running Up That Hill’ classic but with Malin’s internal battle. It is strangely interspersed with what could be a little reminder of the eccentricities of visuals used in ‘The Mighty Boosh’ a few years back too; intriguing and a little bonkers really.

Check out the quirky choreography going on in this clever track that’s brimming with glitch pop sounds and backing that sounds like it’s going the other way into some strange spell of coded message. For me, it is definitely the strongest this year from the Nordic pairing accompanied by an interestingly styled video that is close to breaking my love affair with the trapeze courtship of DJ, Ease My Mind…but not quite.

Enjoy the big hair, even bigger shoulder pads and ribbons absolutely everywhere; Malin’s accessorising matches up to the eccentricities of the pair’s stand alone electro.

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