Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Au Palais- Tender Mercy

Not another band standing accused of gothpop...

Au Palais is the latest arrival from Canada;  musically conceived in Toronto, sibling duo, Elise and David Commathe, are now based firmly in London and about to release an EP. 

Title track ‘Tender Mercy’ is quite unique, not really sounding like anything overtly but if your musical tendencies fall somewhere between Zola Jesus and Austra sprinkled with a little Grimes thrown in as a light chaser, this will probably appeal to you.

The track ‘Pathos’ teeters towards the mystery of The Knife in places but what is most striking on this debut is that Au Palais have given these recognisably stark and more other realm brands of electro their own spin. The result is synth layered, slow building with an effect of deterministic and meaningful brooding.

‘Tender Mercy’ still manages, despite the intensity to combine unusually airy and self-indulgent flavours where others have verged on claustrophobia. Yes, they claim to record at night and what could be a better way to tap into movement in music that reflects that time when unconscious thinking plays on the mind.

Music that feels like they’ve analysed, breathed and dreamt it to achieve the charm it exudes.   A perfect treat for this darker time of the year and soundclouding in all its loveliness below…enjoy.

  Au Palais - Tender Mercy by TheSoundsOfSweetNothing

Release in November/Pre-order here: http://thesoundsofsweetnothing.bandcamp.com/album/tender-mercy-ep

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