Friday, 23 September 2011

New Austra track 'Identity' and remixes for The Good Natured...

Austra: next single ‘Spellwork’ and new song on B-side ‘Identity’.

I didn’t think I’d be writing about Austra again quite so soon but with the release of ‘Spellwork’, the news of a new track was something that had to be checked out. ‘Identity’ is quite lovely in a chilled synth way, her vocals taking on a more Siouxsie haunting pop feel. As a B-side, it is as strong as any on the album Feel It Break and being a little airy and effervescent reminds me of the recently re released Geidi Primes by Grimes…it seems there’s quite a lot of electronic talent coming from Canada right now. Enjoy!

The Good Natured- EP Skeleton and new remixes from Crystal Fighters and Creep.

The Good Natured is made up of brother and sister Sarah and Hamish McIntosh along with George Hinton on drums. The trio are relatively new on the scene and at the tender age of 20, Sarah has written three tracks for the EP Skeleton that tackle ideas of escapism from the rat race and broken love affairs, the territory of angst ridden creativity after dropping out of University to pursue her band more seriously. Seems it was a good move as they were noticed by Robyn producer Patrik Berger and whisked to Stockholm.

Skeleton was out in June and shows a lovely dark sensibility in pop which has transferred itself stateside and been released as part of a 7 track mini album following in the footsteps of La Roux. The Good Natured have been compared to La Roux along with Ladytron, which isn’t hard to hear if you listen to ‘Wolves’ below, my favourite from the EP.

Signed to Regal/Parlophone and apparently inspired by her parents’ record collection of Depeche Mode, Siouxsie, Japan and Tears For Fears, an album from them is eagerly awaited. The first single from the EP was the rather catchy ‘Skeleton’, a little more indie pop sounding, an energetic mix of sirens Shirley Manson from Garbage and further back Saffron from Republica. The final track ‘The Hourglass’ is rather good too and again a little different, jump on their facebook to stream all three and listen to the remixes from the likes of Grum which is also a goody.

They seemed to slip under the radar here a bit but were noticed after Crystal Fighters did one of their rather superb Basque folktronica takes on ‘Wolves’, the title track from the EP, tweaking Sarah’s vocals and hitting a few bits of wood cleverly as they do to make it all rather sunset on a beach somewhere more exotic. It’s now available on free download so grab a last slice of summer feel on today, the first day of autumn.

If you’re anything like me and welcome darker evenings and a time of things more ominous, then jump on this rather chilling remix of Skeleton from the eerie girls from Creep…brilliant.

They are about to embark on a UK tour with The Wombats so will be getting more attention in the months to come, admittedly I’d have to be blindfolded and be wearing reinforced ear muffs to get through a Wombat set but nevertheless, a great slot for them co supporting with the other fab newbies Get People.

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  1. There's actually a free download of "Wolves" by the Good Natured over at -- just need to drop an email address.

  2. Cool, thanks for the link. There's one to their facebook hidden amongst the text which would have got you there eventually. I need to remind people to jump on the purple words :)

  3. Vocals with a Siouxsie haunting pop feel --- YES! Love this so much. I haven't moved on to Good Natured yet, but I have high hopes for that too.

  4. It's brilliant isn't it... I love Katie's voice. 'The Good Natured' are much lighter but still good too.