Monday, 5 September 2011

Grimes with Geidi Primes and some new Housse De Racket...

Grimes – Geidi Primes

Esoterically themed musician, Claire Boucher aka Grimes, a Montreal based musician and visual artist is about to tour this autumn and happily, this has resulted in the re release of Geidi Primes, her debut in 2010 on No Pain in Pop.

Her brand of electronic music is diverse, mostly palpating darkness topped with her floating and whimsical vocals, not dissimilar to the other Canadian electronic witchery Austra. Geidi Primes is in places blithe and flirtatious in spirit, not unlike Darkbloom’s ‘Vanessa’ and then switches to the more melancholic air of follow up LP  Halfaxa with some of the tracks embarking into oriental pop sounds.

My two picks from the album have to be ‘Avi’ above and ‘Freyd Rautha Dark Heart’, both of which pulsate with bass, loops with electronics and woo you with her effervescent and airy vocals, more innocent elemental enchantment than spellwork but still leaves you inescapably charmed.

   Feyd Rautha Dark Heart - Grimes by The Rake

If you missed this treat in 2010 as I did, you can get it now released on 12 inch vinyl and CD, a textured album, spiralling in its ethereal moments and strangeness.

Tracklist: Geidi Primes

Sardaker Lauenbrech
Zoal, Face Dancer
Freyd Rautha Dark Heart
Shadout Mapes
Beast Infection

Cheery tune for this week, well as cheery as I get anyway…

Housse De Racket – Chateau

I’ve been trying to get into festival mode this weekend in preparation for Bestival so lots of Bjork, Robert Smith,  Crystal Fighters, PJ Harvey and once slightly sidetracked to middle of the night radio, the only time worth listening to most stations in my opinion, this little gem came on.

I’ve never really listened to them before but this could put a spring in anyone’s wellingtons really. No they’re not at Bestival so why am I waffling on? Well there’s a lot of beepy stuff going on at the festival and something like this would have fitted in nicely plus my mind’s a little all over the place in excitement and this will probably be my last music blog for a week or so.

So to the point, Housse De Racket is a Parisian band with a new album called Alesia. They’ve made some noise with the super cool Air in the past and this album could be worth a listen or two and some are in French if you want to broaden your horizons a bit. It’s quite hooky, has a fab middle eight and nice melody. Listen below and enjoy.

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