Monday, 5 September 2011

Doctor Who - Night Terrors (spoilers)

Doctor Who does CBeebies doing Aphex Twin…

So Gatiss has allegedly written his most scary moments EVER in this week’s ‘Night Terrors’. Maybe if you're ten years old and that’s not a criticism. I liked this episode for it’s unashamedly ‘for the kids’ scare factor plus I like spooky wooden people and tiny replica furniture all packaged up in a period dolls house.

Yes your terrors going into a closet rather than coming out is a slight twist and the boy turns out to be an alien with some of the classic mind erasing that excuses most discrepancies in Who plot, that’s as clever as it gets though. Despite this, there were lots of pale faces, wide eyes and rearranging of soft toys afterwards (and that was just me)  and just sometimes the Sci Fi grown ups need to back off and let it be a children’s show even when it’s not Christmas day cue big soppy dad ending.

There needs to be some filler episodes otherwise we could all tire of the ongoing story arcs and complications, to be honest, I don’t think ‘motherhood’ is in Amy’s acting repertoire, although that may be proved wrong so a break from that plot was welcome. 

Click back to last week’s review, I’d already said she was an ‘Aunt Sally’ and this episode gives many hours of ‘wooden dolly’ impression opportunities too. They were fabulous for their funny zombie like walk and 'Blink-esque' surrounding of the little boy towards the end.

And the best thing to do while watching something for the children, see the adult subtext or inspiration. Clearly Gatiss is an Aphex Twin fan, from the urban decay, or ‘Eastendersland’, the batty old dear with a thing for rubbish, strange short people singing nursery rhyme wanting your soul, real monsters and a status dog. Maybe it’s just me? Check out ‘Come to Daddy.

I just want to play’ *shudder* Makes it a million times more sinister instantly.

Don’t forget to catch up if you haven’t already by jumping on  iplayer.


  1. "Maybe if your a ten year old". Sadly then, Mel, I must have the scare factor of a ten year old. I wouldn't describe it as "scariest moments ever" but I am always freaked out by child characters. I hated the 'I want my mummy' gas mask episode. I agree, the story line in the last episode felt very rushed. I am however still hooked but this maybe more the fact I live with a Dr Who fanatic and I am carried along by his enthusiasm. Loving the blog Sploshy xxx

  2. Ahh so you don't want to come round and play with my collection of strange and broken dolls then? I have a few Whovian and similar species in my life, I try to write the reviews as a human being though. Matt is brilliant and I've enjoyed most of the episodes but the stories have been weaker than the Tennant times.

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  4. Will do asap :) Still on catch up after Bestival and suffering rural Isle of Wight slooowband :) x