Monday, 29 August 2011

The Return of Florence and her Machine...

What The Water Gave Me...

Looking endearingly befuddled in her promo video for this new track, might explain the brown outfit (come on Flo, come back to black), this track isn't a single but a taster for the new long awaited second album.

Lyrically inspired by Virginia Woolf's suicide, (clearly Ms Welch reads my blog ' A Room of Her Own' then) She sings of her sacrifice to the water, the 'cruel mistress',  her pockets full of stones mimicking Woolf's own self inflicted demise. The track is dark and her delivery implies abandonment and gothic theatre. Has to be good then.

This track hints at darker move in her creativity in contrast to the debut 'Lungs'. I listened to it for the first time after a year or so recently and after a saturation of the 'lovely and her machine', it's now sounding good again. Note to self, do not over play an album.

'What the Water Gave Me' is the consistent and immense vocalising of Florence along with dramatic percussion, harp and cymbal heavy,  I did slightly miss the signature tribalistic drums in this one which have been replaced with more guitar. Still a great sound coming from those lungs with a very difficult follow up to a debut that was everywhere for a good year or so.

So to wait in anticipation for November to hear the album. It's looking like more hefty themes and melodrama packaged in the big and beautiful sound from the quirky one who is already looking like she will be around for a while yet, something quite hard to achieve in music right now and more so if your debut is huge.


  1. Loving this (despite the weird brown outfit).

  2. Fab song...and yes, hopefully she's just dabbling in brown. Love her in the ghostly white dress look :)