Monday, 15 August 2011

Cold Cave: Cherish The Light Years: Album Review/Emika's Professional Loving

Are you feeling self indulgent and in need of some austere yet romantic darkwave? Well Cold Cave can provide that with frontman Wesley Eisold's deep, disaffected angst ridden vocals echoing that of New Order, Depeche Mode and The Cure.

The  new wave sound is given a modern American edge and mixed up with some of the theatre of IAMX, it's all rather goth pop new wave lovely. Listen to the rather good 'Confetti' below, it is a bit ' Tonight I'm going to be Dave Gahan' in places and yes I did say once 'no more wanabees needed here', however I renounce temporarily as Cold Cave aren't irritating about it.

The album was released in April on Matador in 2011 but with so much good music about, it's easy for some to pass you can stream the album below for a very thorough taster. Starting with the theatrics of Bauhaus and more recently IAMX 'The Great Pan is Dead' kicks off with an impressive start, the album then leaps to a definite Cure sound with 'Pacing Around The Church' and 'Catacombs'.  

'Underworld USA' has a distinctly New Ordery feel but my favourite is definitely 'Confetti' far. 'Burning Sage' jumps back to the the more industrial sound of their debut Love Comes Close but to be honest this album seems to be getting more attention and hopefully more still now they've supported Austra and The Kills.

All in all,  nine strong tracks, sublime synths and swirling guitars topped by brooding vocals without the pomp of some bands that have tried the same, well maybe a little for that nocturnal melodrama.  They are playing at Reading Festival so if you're lucky enough to be going, dodge the predictable headliners and seek out the noir deliciousness of Cold Cave.

If you'd like to buy the album digitally and support indie labels hit by the recent PIAS fire in the riots, jump here Boomkat: support PIAS labels


More Emika : Professional Loving

My latest girl crush Emika's double A-side single Pretend/Professional Loving is quite possibly the most spookily beautiful offering of eerie electro in recent weeks. 'Pretend' has a wonderful live clip that I blogged last week, jump here if you missed it.

The other track is just gorgeousness and equally as fearless and unique with so many influences evident from her classical training to her home town's Bristol stamp of techno dub vision. This is all merged with the multifarious Berlin scene where she also lives and records part of the time.

   Emika - Professional Loving by Verstörter Charakter

This atmospheric track has the Portishead downtempo of Count Backwards and ends with a quite lovely 'filmic' piano showing what an amazing new and diverse talent Emika is...lovelovelove. It is quite unusual for me to be undecided which track I prefer which I think must be a good thing. Listen and enjoy...

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