Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Music making me smile this week...

M83, Bjork and some Amy to remember...

Celebrate the return of M83 with the new single ‘Midnight City’, a sunshiny bundle of synth gorgeousness. Dreamy layers of summery pop perfection from the French band which will hopefully boot ‘Pumped Up Kicks’ off the radio playlists (please…I liked it, now if I hear it again, I may kill someone) with this ode to summery electro. It’s instant and lifting and indicates more good things to come from the forthcoming album Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming in October.

Let’s not forget ‘We Own The Sky’ from 2008’s Saturdays = Youth with its lovely woozy ambience and this new single evokes the same feeling. Anthony Gonzalez has had a little help from friends Morgan Kibby and Zola Jesus for this album so it’s all looking surpassingly like a chilled indulgence for autumn.

Have a little listen below, light poppy beep with some super retro saxophone towards the end; for me the track could lose that bit but for many reminiscing the days of pop song sax, I reckon it could be the clincher, it even fades out…enjoy!

Bjork: new video for Crystalline...

Bjork’s ‘Crystalline’ now has a superbly bonkers animated video and the more you listen to this track the more it grows, the clearer the lyrics become as she conquers claustrophobia, anxiety and demands light all via the metaphor of rocks. She sings of the core of the earth, kissing quartz, yet for this video appears to be in a bubble in space surrounded by rocks, shooting stars, weird planets; who really knows where she is, planet Bjork could be a whole other galaxy.

This is surely why her uniqueness continues to gather love or sends people reeling in confusion as she creates more curious otherworldliness in her internal nebular. That drum machine towards the end certainly does make me feel claustrophobic.  Well, enough analysing, check out the video, Button Moon for grown ups.

Very muchly looking forward to seeing her at Bestival thanks to my mum, who I now call ‘My Miracle’.  *Mwah* for grabbing me one of the few remaining camper van tickets. Tent? Me? No way!  


Amy remembered: big voice, big hair, best eyeliner in the business.

And finally, farewell to Amy Winehouse, a brilliant song writer and performer when at her best. Rather than dwelling on her mistakes, remember her achievements which far outweigh them.  One of my faves below…a sad loss that happens too often in music. In her own light now.


  1. So sad about Amy Winehouse. Love "You Know I'm No Good." I've been watching that video a lot. I also can't stop watching "Back to Black." :(

  2. Yes very sad :( Loved her music and style...'Back to Black' is fab too.