Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Band Focus This Week: Memory Tapes

First off, what a great band name! Take note musicians, it’s your metaphorical book cover, it’s important. I think it’s reminding me of the film ‘Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind’ perhaps?

The band consist of Dayve Hawk aka Memory Tapes and Weird Cassette? Erm? Mysterious persona times…anyway the soundscapes now. ‘Yes I know’ is simply gorgeous, very chilled electro with a touch of Bat For LashesWhat’s A Girl To Do?' drum rolling beats around two and half minutes in. 

The video directed by Eric Epstein is wonderfully weird and suits it just perfectly in a surreal way.  There is lushly layered instrumentation and vocals, a little sombre in places, sometimes psychedelic; for just the second album, there is already a flurry of activity following the Tapes.

The album, Player Piano, is out today… listen below to my personal choice single from it; melancholic and beautiful so definitely worth checking out.

And then jump on this superb remix of Crystal Castles Suffocation from last year… I like it when my favourite people get it together and the remix is a hazy interpretation of one of the Castles more melodic efforts, chillarama then. They’ve also remixed Balearic popsters ‘Keep Shelley in Athens’; it’s so sunshiny around them, in a low key way.

Loving Memory Tapes. Google Player Piano away right now basically…float away in bubble music.

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