Thursday, 9 June 2011

Polly, People, Planning and Popstars...

I've been finding it hard to find the time to blog with other writing going on, teaching tiddlypeeps and life basically soooo going to merely share some tunes I lovelovelove this week. For those wondering and emailing me, 'A Room of Her Own' is now 'Melodee Writes' as this is how I get linked on most other sites and it matches the URL so for consistency reasons, I'm embracing 'Melodee'.

Seems a vague reference to Virginia Woolf is, well, too vague (an age old accusation for me and clearly I'm from another planet), plus I have pseudonyms online already to befuddle... I sort of like that.

So track number one from Polly.  She's a Queen.

 PJ Harvey has overwhelmingly amazed everyone with her latest album 'Let England Shake' and this is my personal fave. Only she could make a series of 12 short films with Seamus Murphy of every track on the album and get away with it. I don't want to be a superfan and blog every one so here's my choice 'In the Dark Places'...very old skool Polly so adore it.

'We got up early, washed our faces, walked the fields and put up crosses'

...simply genius snapshots of England, every day life and acceptance of war and violent imagery centred around institutionalised religions. It's quite an intense album with uncomfortable moments, you could write a dissertation but I'm not going to...listen and watch below.

Let's have a cheery 'Indie Cindy' moment with Foster The People.

'Pumped up Kicks' has been knocking around online since last summer and finally it's on the radio constantly, well radio I listen to anyway...a summery anthem no less. The Los Angeles trio use a combination of guitar and electronics to produce some great tunes that resonate with the indie pop sound of bands like MGMT. It's instant and hooky and definitely a band to keep an eye out for.  Laze around with them and keep it filed next to indie poppits like The Naked and Famous or The Temper Trap. The video captures the energy of the song, lighthearted yet with the angst of teenage uncertainty in the lyrics. Let's hear you attempt that whistle.

Taken from the self titled EP released back in January, jump here to their website to listen to the other tracks and check out the forthcoming album, 'Torches'.

And now for weirdy electro, my favourite kind...

'Don't be surprised if I'm ripping out my eyes'. Watch this video and you might just join her but if you like something a little left field, frankly rather odd, you certainly won't be ripping your ears off too. 
Planningtorock is Janine Rostron, Bolton lass, now residing in Berlin and hanging out with The Knife, certainly an interesting concoction.

Casting minds back to early 2010, Planningtorock was collaborating with The Knife along with Mt Sims on the rather fab Darwinist Electro Opera 'Tomorrow, In a Year'; a mergence of art, theatre and electro and much love here for the bonkers brilliance of 'Colouring of Pigeons'. On her solo project, Planningtorock is unsurprisingly churning out more of this unique brand of fearless and forward thinking electronica on the mysteriously titled 'W'.

Not unlike the electro queen Karin Dreijer Andersson, she hides her face and physicality with strange masks and prosthetic, warps her voice making a pulsating track that is beautifully awkward and eccentric.

This lady likes to experiment with gender, vocally and visually her artistic approach seems to question specifics, leaving you wondering 'he or she?' at times. It seems she is taking away any pre conceived limitations surrounding issues of sexual identity and making music, not dissimilar to the work of AustraCreep and Fever Ray.

The album has moments where you question what you're listening to but cleverly draws you into the alternative existence of Planningtorock. Experimental, haunting, occasionally startling (ahem, saxophone), this is a collection of tracks with atmospheric instrumentation. Jump to soundcloud here where it's being streamed.

Finally some gothed up electro from The Japanese Popstars, kind of.

First it was Crystal Castles and now the present day cuddly Robert Smith has done guest vocals with the very cool Japanese Popstars who are actually Irish. I heard this over the weekend, it's not out until next week and this youtube link is a little, erm, jumpy in places but have a listen for a taster if you liked his earlier collaboration in the dancy electro scene with the 'Castles' (can no longer call them 'Crystals' as there are a million bands now with crystal in their name). This is working for me much as I want to take his hand and lead him in a make up and hair tutorial. Having said that, it just wouldn't be him then.

Jump here for more info on the forthcoming album from Japanese Popstars due out June 20th which also includes a collaboration with Editors 'teeny weeny frontman with a huge voice' Tom Smith. Definitely jumpy jump for this one, it's a goody and there's no wibbly wobbly, it's a real video and a music programme I don't know about, might help if I switched the TV on occasionally methinks.

So my last point, I'm pleasantly surprised at how many of you bother to read all this even though I'm not related to or emotionally blackmailing any of you (well maybe one or two) so thank you muchly. And yes it's been all reviews lately, when I can pause time, I will add some more of my own creativity but that takes up oodles more effort than reviewing other people's brilliance.  Blog Love x