Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Oodles of Good Music This Week...

Ladytron, Niki & the Dove, Get People topped with some Crystal Fighters and Creep remixed by Planningtorock...

I love this new one from pop's most melancholy; so much so, I will be making up words here, there and everywhere. Simply gorgeousness.

Having fallen out of love with Ladytron of late, I found the last two releases underwhelming to say the least; 'Ambulances', however, is just beatific, so not being one to hold a grudge, enjoy below.

Its spooked up beats, a touch of ' Creep', spine chillingly the closest pop comes to dystopia with the help of some angelic vocals to lift you out of devastation. Melodramatic? Me? Never! It's rather good so have a listen right now, it builds and builds to an unearthly climax...maybe gravity will seduce me after all?

And fingers crossed for a dubtron/ladystep remix please, anyone from Bristol reading? It probably won't happen as they seem to be the most universally ignored band in the mainstream of the last goodness knows how long. From Gravity the Seducer, due out September 2011 it seems, that could change though.

Niki & the Dove...again! It's lovefest for these Swedes.

The Niki & the Dove EP is finally with us and it's such a lovely teaser for any future album from the Swedish duo Malin Dahlstrom and Gustaf Karlof.

This is 'Kate Bushing' out in places, you can imagine Malin doing the bonkers wide eyed dancing in some sort of strange leotard while singing 'cross on your doorstep'.

Having seen Niki & the Dove live recently, Malin is working the Kate magic at times, although not in an irritating way. Soundclouding below is the perfection of 'Gentle Roar'.  Remixed by Mylo, it is the B-Side to the rather fab, 'The Fox', I much prefer this pure version, mostly as you can feel the drumming and magic of her unusual vocals.

My only criticism is, 'Where are the videos?' Let's see you please, or at least do something arty in the same vein as 'DJ Ease My Mind' which I can still put on repeat and be wowed at the trapeze bonkersness that looks so perfectly choreographed (decades before).

   Gentle Roar by subpop

Along with this gem another new one 'Somebody' has popped up on youtube, it's rather too retro for me but jumpy here to have a listen to its drum machine madness. It may transport you back to a Brat Pack film soundtrack, if you so wish. Maybe it will be a grower, 'The Fox' took a little while too and now I love it.

And now some new love for 'Get People' with a couple of tracks, 'Rain Tears' and 'Careless'...and a super cool Crystal Fighters remix.

Having toured with my other faves Crystal Fighters, I had to check them out really. Serendipitously, I heard them on the radio later that evening as a little prompt and then bumped into this Crystal Fighters remix online, happy happy days.

So they are a trio from London called Casper, Dom and Martin and they, very simply, Get People with their music. They push buttons, make rather nice noise and rain tears so have a little listen below. They fuse sounds in a similar way to the Crystals; indie womad style electro bangers with some dub, not afraid to mix things up a bit basically.

And the very lovely Crystal Fighters flawless remix is soundclouding now too, soooo much love for them.

   Get People - Rain Tears (Crystal Fighters Remix) by Crystal Fighters

As much as I like the whole idea of raining tears, Careless below from last year's double A-side with Odyssey makes me feel careless and I'm usually very careful; it's perfect, this lot are definitely worth keeping an eye for so go grab that EP on July 11th.

Click below for something beautiful and blissed out...

I love these girls too.

If you like some super weirded out electro, this is a Witch House collaboration of eeriness... those Creep girls need no help with the the strange and supernatural in their music, however this is worth a listen. 'You' originally featuring Nina Sky, remixed by the prosthetic wearing, gender trickster Planningtorock *shudder*.

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  1. I'm really loving "Gentle Roar." I agree -- I'd like to see some more videos from them. I'll have to spend some time with Get People. From what I've heard on your site, I like.

  2. Yes 'Gentle Roar' was instant for me...they were so good live too. Keeping an eye out for more Get People.