Saturday, 11 June 2011

Kitty, Daisy and Lewis... and some Vek.

Kitty, Daisy and Lewis are siblings from North London and mostly stuck in rockabilly time. For this track, they have strayed into ska'dom and their latest offering 'I'm so sorry'... well basically I like it. Ska isn't something I normally get into but these girls vocals are pretty fabulous, perhaps that's won me over.They record everything using ribbon microphones and analogue tape formats to keep it all 'authentic', some might argue pretentious, I think they are pulling it off though.

Their album 'Smoking in Heaven' came out at the end of May, check it out if you haven't already. 'I'm so Sorry' is a double A-side single, jump here for the other track, be prepared to time travel back to the 1950's on listening and be impressed as they are all barely out of school.

Who the hell is Tom Vek?

It's been all about straying from the path I mostly take with music recently. Over the last few weeks, the name Tom Vek has been bandied about like he's' the second coming', so of course, I've ignored it stubbornly until I heard 'World of Doubt' and thought 'Oh what's this?' Damn, now I can't ignore him, the nerdy bespectacled, 'everything he touches is apparently cool' man. I can't decide if I like the video but  I do like the's reminding me of the Violent Femmes vocally from way, way back.

'We know that you are beautiful, we know that you are true'

And another from the current album Leisure Seizure is 'A Chore'. This is a better video despite the skinny fit yellow jeans that momentarily blinded me, let's hope they stay in the past. Apparently Tom was missing in musical action for a number of years, now he's back...enjoy!

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