Saturday, 11 June 2011

The Girl and The Wolf

This short animation made by Button Films based on the fable by James Thurber is just charmingly creepy with a twist, maybe a predictable one, but morbidly cute.  Thurber an American humorist wrote fables until his death in the same style as Greek writer Aeosop illustrating human dilemmas.

Indeed the not so innocent Red Riding Hood changes into a hoodie and carries a lethal weapon in her bag. The only change James Button made from Thurber's fable is her choice of weapon.  I can't resist.The moral of this tale being; 'It is not as easy to fool little girls nowadays as it used to be'.

'Behind Closed Doors' is another animation nasty from Button Films that caught my eye. The little boy, Gregory, wrestles with the monster in his closet and the monster that is the drunk that beats his mother, again with a twist of what's within and the dilemma of  what's behind a closed door. Go to your room! 

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