Friday, 27 May 2011

Meet Visions of Trees...

Visions of Trees are a unique electronic duo fronted by the dreamy vocals of Sara Atalar and buzzing synths of Joni Juden

A fusion of hypnotic, ambient and  progressive sounds are created alongside some animated stage performance from the pair. Sara with a classical background in music and dance contrasts to the more 'street' Joni and their performance in a very muddy tent at Bestival last year was definitely one of my favourites.

Visually contrasting, Joni in the uniform 'hoodie' and Sara 'glittered up' with feathers in her hair, the mix of urban and primitive sounds collide and gel together with her whimsical voice; all very difficult to define, a fix of fusion on many levels. Throw a bit of Natasha Khan, Bjork and a lad off the street who can push some buttons in a clever way in the mixing pot, make some videos in a dreary council estate and give yourself a hippy band name, surprisingly it works.

Noisey made these short videos that include live clips from The Macbeth in London, intimate chats with the pair and a few quite amusing (clearly drunk on the music) crowd members.  Having seen these newbies live myself, future gigs are worth keeping an eye out for.

Jump here for videos 2-5 with more live tracks and chat...

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