Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Lykke Li, PJ Harvey and Austra

Sadness Is A Blessing...

What better way to celebrate my 50th music post than to biggup my  favourite girls this year...

Good timing Lykke with a new video, again directed by Tarek Saleh who also did a great job with 'I Follow Rivers'. The video starts with a serene but slightly mental look in her eye Lykke downing shorts from a waiter whilst eyeballing her apparent aging lover; no wonder she's sad.

Erratic behaviour and crazy dancing ensues under the watchful eye of polite society and her tearful lover looks on, all ending with the sort of embrace you give a child to keep them still. Pretty much the flavour of the album really; foot stamping, tantrum throwing, despairing and wounded... Lykke love it. Her wounded rhymes are no longer silent cries clearly.

Since her performance on Later with Jools, her album has sold a few more, it should be heard so go buy it now, jump here for the magic of 'I Follow Rivers' performed live.

The Words That Maketh Murder...

And now for Polly, my love for this  lady has been a rollercoaster of  'I love you loads' and 'Oh what was that?' I sometimes crave the old days of 'Sheela-na-gig' and 'Man size', a bit of mellow 'Down by the Water' but Let England Shake has been growing and growing since this little live taster on Jools (why do I always forget to watch it beeb?). There's a little too much military going on in some of the tracks but that's my own little phobia.

Check out this performance of  'The Words that Maketh Murder', gorgeous dress, head gear and extraordinary autoharp thing...lovelovelove. Coming from an unearthly place, how could you not? Fearless and bonkers brilliance, she's not protesting, she's being human.

Darken Her Horse...

And lastly, my most recent love affair has been with Katie Stelmanis of Austra, having bagged a promo in my parallel existence as 'Babooshka', this album is just super dark electro loveliness and a naughty youtuber has leaked some more tracks. 'Darken Her Horse' is one of my favourites, although really there are too many to choose from.

The track builds slowly with a beguiling ritualistic edge, all enchanting and pulling you in with musical 'Spellwork'. The album is concerned with dark aesthetics, otherworldliness, esoteric knowledge, melodrama and romance. Have a listen below and make sure you pre-order the album as it's a close contender in my 2011 albums of this year, trust me, it's exciting times and we're not even half way yet.

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